In the reading room of Gulbene Children's Library it is possible to read various press publications.

For preschool and young school age children

Come and play with the characters of the animated film "Paw Patrol" - Skaja, Marshall, Zuma, Chase and Rocky! Each issue of the magazine has exciting stories, assignments, coloring pages and helpful tips for parents.
Developing puzzle magazine for kids. In each issue, facts on a topic, crossword puzzles, puzzles, mazes, as well as puzzles that help to learn to read, calculate, draw, develop logic. Added value - games, competitions, stickers, posters.
A magazine for girls from the age of 4 for happy and active moments with Barbie and Ken, Teresa, Niki, Rakveli and their other friends. Every magazine is waiting for you - stories, tasks, recipes, handicrafts, posters. Every magazine has a Barbie contest and a chance to win great prizes from Mattel!
Magazine for little princesses! Disney studio cartoon characters - Snow White, Cinderella, Ariela, Aurora, Lettuce and other fairytale princesses - in stories, puzzles, color works, handicraft pages and games.

Magazine for boys and girls from the age of 5!
In each magazine - fun and playful, modern and ancient comics about Donald Donald, Mickey, Knap Makdak, Sprukst and other cartoon characters.
For jokers - rubrics "Prank Tarpaulin", "Laughter Marathon", etc.
For competitors - number puzzle + prize.
Puzzles - Mickey Detective Puzzles.

Spicīte - exciting picture stories, reading and counting together with Spicīte school. SPICIT - games and mazes, catchy questions for the ingenious, learning about nature and its secrets. SPICITE - home-made delicacies, creative works and gift ideas, drawings and other competitions. SPICITE - a sincere, nice and dear friend to children, an indispensable helper for parents and teachers.
A magazine for boys and girls from 5 to 12 years old. The relentless adventures of the famous cartoon characters Tom and Jerry in the comic pages.
An evolving magazine for fans of the Disney animated film "Wagons". The magazine includes short comics, games and puzzles, drawing and coloring pages, as well as suggestions for handicrafts with Lightning McQueen, Metri and other wagons.
"My Little Pony" - An educational and entertaining magazine for girls from 3 years old who love lovely HASBRO toys - ponies. The magazine always has a heartfelt picture story from the TV animation series, puzzles, coloring pages and a game.
An educational and entertaining magazine for children from the age of 3 with exciting activities (best with parents). In the magazine - stories, developmental tasks, handicrafts, paintings, posters and games with Winnie the Pooh and other inhabitants of the Hundred Mile Forest. In the special pages of nature, the child will get to know the world of nature.

The magazine "Fairy Tales and Tasks" is intended for children aged 4 to 7, is published every two months. In each edition you will find incredibly interesting, legendary, pleasant fairy tales. In the second part of the magazine, you will find educational, fairy-tale-related tasks that will help develop your child's mind and curiosity. Our little readers will be able to enjoy both fairy tales and useful and fun activities that will develop their intellectual abilities. This magazine perfectly combines useful tasks with fun activities!

The only magazine in Latvia for preschool and young school age girls! Tests and games, favorite movies and songs, entertainment and toys, stars and fashion, art and creativity, school affairs and inventions, tasks and competitions - the magazine as a surprise from the first to the last page. It will be useful as a literature for leisure moments and as a repository of valuable conversations in the family.

For middle school children

A curious, active and affectionate magazine for teenage girls. This is a magazine that will always invite and inspire you to believe in the good, to believe that everything is possible and that our dreams for the future are very real. Hobbies, music, stars, BFF, family, school supplies, posters, tests, practicals, experiments, valuable competitions and many surprises. It will be useful as a literature for leisure moments and as a repository of valuable conversations in the family.
The highest quality magazine for children and youth in Latvia! Answers to the many reasons why children, the animal world, space, future technology and historical research, clever experiments, creative practical work, valuable competitions, great prizes - and all this are dressed in glorious illustrations. Will be useful for children both during school and for reading with the whole family.
An entertaining educational magazine for young and middle school children who love the popular computer game "Minecraft". The magazine brings together Mojang expert advice and tips, information on resource extraction and diversity, different environments and survival options, advice on making and using different items, building and landscaping, and much more! This is not just a magazine, but a multi-player friend and advisor to have a safe and exciting time in the world of Minecraft!
Basteln mit Kindern is a colorful edition for anyone who wants to spend their free time creatively. The magazine has ingenious ideas on how to make beautiful toys and trimmings from different materials, which will help children to create beautiful and tasteful decorative works. These publications will be useful for children and parents, as well as for pre-school staff, group leaders, and any adult who is interested in expressing themselves creatively.

For young people

If you own a dog, cat or other animal, then ASTES is the magazine for you! In each room - useful tips for caring for your pet and exciting stories about animals.