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Finding Nemo

Merlin is a clownfish that has lost its entire family to a predator. All he has left is a son, Nemo. Merlin never ceases to warn his son of the dangers of the ocean, but the little villain wants to explore the world…
Already on his first day of school, he is not careful enough - Nemo is caught and imprisoned in an aquarium in a dentist's office. His dad, along with his new, distracted girlfriend Doria, is ready to cross the ocean just to find his son while Nemo and his companions plan to flee the aquarium.

Oceans The living ocean

The creators of the film TRAVELING Tribes invite you on a new exciting journey into the depths of the oceans, introducing the sea and the inhabitants of the oceans. The filmmakers show the glorious but also harsh existence of underwater creatures. Thanks to new underwater filming technology, the ocean comes to life in unprecedented shots on the screen.

The adventures of the beaver

The white crested grebe is a small but very brave beaver baby. He lives with his mother and little sister at the dam of a large river. Once a beaver's home is destroyed, a strong current takes the White Crested Far away from the family. To find his loved ones, the beaver goes on a journey full of danger. A wonderful film about wildlife was made on the shores of Lake Lac Saint-Jean in Canada.


An exciting documentary that tells the story of suricas, amazing desert animals that protect each other like we do. The protagonist of the film is a meerkat baby named Kolo, and we follow the story of his life in the Kalahari Desert of Africa. The film uses the latest technology to turn the story of SURIKATI into an unforgettable adventure for the whole family.

Ocean World 3D

For the first time, thanks to unique filming technologies, viewers will have a real experience of being in the underwater world! OCEAN WORLD 3D is the first nature film to be shot in 3D in seven years. During the 25 expeditions, 200 hours of footage were filmed in 15 seas and 3 oceans.

The blue planet 1,2,3,4

The first two discs show not only the gigantic power and unimaginable expanses of the ocean, but also its complex structure, the impact of physical and biological factors on the inhabitants of the underwater world.
The following discs show the seasonal, coral, tidal seas, as well as the coast - a place where the land borders the sea, where animals are in constant motion: some go ashore, others to the open ocean.

Time Machine

Imagine being able to stop time, move into the distant future, or get into the deep past millions of years ago. Now it's possible! This BBC documentary is dedicated to the most powerful and at the same time most invisible travel companion of our lives, who affects everything in the world - Time.

Traveling tribes 2

Every year, in the icy deserts of the South Pole, the emperor penguins go on a truly spectacular journey to a traditional nesting place, leaving a safe and nutritious ocean. Driven by instincts, they return to the place where the babies are born year after year.

The story of the north

A documentary about the north of our planet - about the Arctic glaciers. For animals living in these harsh conditions. This world, inhabited by polar bears, walruses and other northern animals, is undergoing change due to climate change.

The impregnable fortress

In the heart of the African savannah, in an inaccessible 6-meter fortress, more than a million termites work hard. Disaster strikes - rain floods the tunnels and rooms of the kingdom of termites, causing panic and chaos.


The documentary "Space" is a fascinating and glorious story about the greatest mysteries of the universe: the emergence of new stars and the destruction of entire star systems, the "blue giants" and "red dwarfs", the structure and history of our solar system.

The great conqueror Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is undeniably one of the most remarkable conquerors in human history. The territories he conquered measure thousands of square kilometers and extend from the steppes of Asia to the very heart of Europe.

The human body 1.2

Documentaries about the human brain, what changes take place in the human body over the years, what is the secret of death.


Hannibal Berka was one of the greatest warlords and statesmen of antiquity, a fierce enemy of Rome and the last pillar of Carthage. He had the ability to rule over people by keeping them in infinite obedience. He is still considered one of the greatest tactical geniuses today - forcing the mighty Rhône River and crossing the snowy Alps to fight elephants and the subsequent invasion of Italy.

Yoga for everyone

Join yoga with Reinbo Mars, a world-renowned instructor who organizes seaside gymnastics to the tune of the raging waves. Her unique multi-level complex is suitable even for beginners

The second city. Daugavpils

A documentary about the city and its people. Reveals the peculiarities of the region, visions of the population, perceptions, economic activity, etc.

Discovered in Latvia

A documentary about 12 Latvian natural scientists who study the Earth's magnetic field, create new drugs to treat Alzheimer's and other diseases, perform gene research, create antiviral preparations and other things.


Auniņš Šons: Armageddon

A spacecraft by the lovely and playful alien Lu-Las has crashed near Sheon's farm. Enchanted by Lu-Las's extraordinary abilities, endless nonsense, and galaxy-scale bursts, Sean decides to help his newfound girlfriend return home without realizing that a cruel organization of alien hunters is already following in their footsteps. Will Sean and his swarm be able to eliminate Hermitage before it's too late?

Playmobil. Movie

When Charlie unexpectedly disappears into the magical universe of PLAYMOBIL® animation, his older sister, Mary, has to go there and take her brother home. A wonderful journey into an unseen world awaits her, where she will befriend the talkative driver of the food bus, Delhi, the charity of the charismatic secret agent Rex, the benevolent robot and extravagant fairy. The variegated adventures will help Marla and Charlie realize that everything is achievable as long as there is faith in one's own strength.


A trip to the highest peak in the world? What could be more exciting! When Ji finds the huge but very lovely jet hidden on the roof of her house (which turns out to be very small - by yethian standards), it is clear that the most incredible adventure awaits them! Jetty's family lives on Mount Everest, and Ji is determined to make sure he returns home safe and sound.

Delicacies: Gold DVD 9

This disc contains 8 cartoons

Sartulis . Catching an intrusive fly, the pink pencil enters the strange world of an unfinished picture book from the artist's desk. Here he is surprised by meetings with Rasēni, Mežulīte, the men of Zāle, as well as various troubles and misfortunes. It is an exciting opportunity for Sartulis to take on different roles in life. Only without the red color everything seems strange. It takes a touch of every pencil to complete the picture book and new friends help Sārtulis return home…

Crispy . The Dwarf House in the snowy forest is very busy, because Christmas Eve is approaching! The dwarf girl bakes gingerbread and makes a small man out of the dough - Crispy. It turns out that the gingerbread man has come to life, and he is very curious. In the big world, not only fun adventures and dangers await him, but also the miracle of Christmas.

Zīļuks . The little girl has made various figurines from autumn gifts. One of them - a tit boy accidentally disappears in the meadow. Zīļuks wants to get to know the world he is in, but first he has to learn to walk. In search of his lost hat, he finds himself in the insect village of Stiebru. New surprises and adventures await Zīļuku here…

Hedgehogs and the city . One spring morning, the beasts wake up from hibernation and discover that a city has been built in place of the forest. To survive a hedgehog figures out how beasts can earn money from humans. But what does it take? Hedgehogs and other beasts decide to regain their forest…

Tiger . In the middle of the night, a strange caravan drives through the city. In the morning, children find a large box on the street with enigmatic sounds. The men of the Emergency Brigade are called. They carefully open the box and a tigress with a baby crawls out of it…

Corridor . Bullfights are taking place in the main arena of the Spanish capital, Madrid. However, this time Toreador is not doing very well and he has to escape the Bull to escape. Escaping from an angry beast tree, Toreador uses a cell phone to call for help. The men of the "Emergency Brigade" receive the call. This is their first call to work in Europe. After boarding their new yellow plane, three brave men immediately go on a rescue mission…

Vaasa . In Sweden, a magnificent museum houses the sailboat "Vaasa", which once sank during its first voyage. One day, the museum staff notices one rat in the hull and starts working to catch this rodent and prevent it from damaging the excellent museum exhibit, but it turns out that the rat is not alone. In fact, there are an unusual number of them. All attempts by museum staff to get rid of rodents are not successful. The invited tomcat does not help either, because this animal, which grew up in Sweden, is too gentle. Have to look for special help and call the "Emergency Brigade"!…

Directors: Dace Rīdūze, Jānis Cimermanis, Ēvalds Lācis
Producer: Māris Putniņš
Screenwriters: Māris Putniņš, Ēvalds Lācis, Dace Rīdūze
Cinematographers: Ēvalds Lācis, Elvijs Menniks
Editing directors: Ēvalds Lācis, Elvijs Menniks, Jānis Cimermanis
Music authors: Uldis Marhilevičs, Mārtiņš Brauns, Kārlis Auzāns
Sound director: Anrijs Krenbergs

Emergency Crew: Gold DVD 1

This DVD contains 12 films about the activities of this brigade. There will be underground labyrinths, ghost attacks, no beast in the cinema, robbery of the church, inseparable pasta, brawl at the airport and other dangerous but exciting events.

The Great Cat Runaway

A cat named Deķīts lazily spends his days in an apartment in a high-rise building in the city together with his son Klaina. One day, the curious kitten Klaiņa leaves home and goes on an adventurous journey to a fabulous cat paradise. Knowing that danger is threatened on every corner of the wider world, Descit, despite fear, goes in search of his son.

Tiny footer

One fine day, a young, resourceful jet meets a strange creature who doesn't seem to exist at all - a human. The news of the "footprint" is causing a great deal of concern among the people of the snow people. What other surprises could be hidden behind the borders of their closed village in the far and wide world?

Eliot: the smallest reindeer

Eliot is a small horse with a huge dream - to take an honorable place in Santa's reindeer cart to give children joy. He only has three days to prove to others that he is worthy of this honor, even if he does not have the appropriate horns. If you want something with all your heart, then miracles come true, right?


Grinčs lives near the highest hill in the town of Kasīši, together with the trusted dog Maksus. Most of all in the world, Grinch does not like Christmas. As the townspeople begin to prepare for Christmas, it is difficult to escape the holiday jam even for Grincha, and this loud, grumpy and joyful green annoyance decides to put an end to it. He will take and steal Christmas! Fortunately, there is a girl living in the town of Kasīši who has so much Christmas in her heart that it will be enough not only for Christmas, but even for Grinch!

A grandfather who is more dangerous than a computer

The film tells the story of the big city boy Oscar, who has to spend the summer in a small town with his grandfather. Unfortunately, my grandfather doesn't like to go to the computer, get dirty cups and lie, and he also has some principles.

Mosque family

The Vishboun family is far from perfect. One evening my mother persuades them to go to a masquerade ball, but it turns out that masks are only for them! At the party, the evil witch curses them, and everyone turns into their own carnival hero. Mom Emma becomes a vampire, Dad Frank becomes Frankenstein's mosque, daughter Fairy is a head-to-foot mummy, and son Max is a feathered werewolf. They have to become a happy family or ... they have to be mosquitoes forever.

The little vampire

It is the story of thirteen-year-old vampire Rudolph, whose family is haunted by an evil vampire hunter. Fortunately, Rudolf meets his peer Tony, an ordinary boy who loves old abandoned castles, cemeteries and scary stories about vampires. Tony helps his friend and his whole family to defeat the enemies in an exciting, powerful, but also dangerous battle. The boys not only thrive together in awesome adventures, but also become inseparable friends.

Mighty Richard

Sparrow Richie has been adopted into the stork family since birth, everyone loves him very much, he grows fast and feels like a real stork. However, it is time for migratory storks to fly to Africa to spend the winter there. The family is forced to reveal his origins to Richie because he is not allowed to fly together - a sparrow can die on a difficult journey. The brave man does not intend to lower his wings and decides to prove to everyone that he is a real stork. Richie is leaving alone, and he is joined by new friends - the owl Olga and the parrot Kiki.

The lord of the dragon

Nikita, the son of a famous strong man, is firmly convinced that he would be able to defeat the dragon - just like his father once did. He notices himself embarking on an adventurous journey, and now he will have to use courage and resourcefulness to cope with the surviving dragon and return home from the magical world in good health!

How to tame a dragon 3

Hickap has become the main one in Berka, and together with Astrid and others in the village has created a very dragon-friendly environment. Unexpectedly, the bright Fury of Light appears on the horizon, completely enchanting Nezobu and bringing new, romantic winds into the dragon's life. But just around the corner, a new enemy is lurking in the entire Vincing village. Hikap and Nezob will have to travel long distances to find a new and safe home for all the dragons. It is a place of legend and is called the hidden world. They are ready to go to the ends of the earth to protect everything that is precious to them.

The dog's way home

What to do for a dog that is hundreds of kilometers away from its beloved owner? Bella knows: she'll find her way home, no matter what it takes! Bella's way home will be full of incredible adventures, dangers and amazing discoveries.

The sun was flying in the sky

A child is born to the Sun and the Moon, who is greeted by stilts. In general joy, no one notices that the daughter of the Sun disappears until everyone finds themselves in an empty cradle. No matter how strong both the Sun's mother and the Moon's father are, they alone cannot find or take the child home. It turns out you need a man! Nabashi, a girl and her little brother, and everyone go to the world to find and take the daughter of the Sun home. The helpers are only given three days - if the daughter of the Sun is not found during this time, she will lose her strength and become an ordinary girl. A journey full of adventures and experiences ensues, during which everyone must show courage and resourcefulness, as well as endurance and helpfulness.

The end, of course, is happy! Together, however, they manage to overcome the traps set by Selena, the queen of darkness, and release the daughter of the Sun. The underworld sinks into the depths, at the same time becoming the foundation and roots of the Tree of Light, which rises in the sky, carrying the daughter of the Sun there. The people of Ķekatnieki are happy again - the world order has returned!

Rabbit Peter

Rabbit Peter, who always has his mind on pranks and adventures, is in a state of war with Mr. McGregor, who does not suffer the beast and does not want the benefits of his vegetable garden to be condemned by the rabbit and his relatives and friends. The situation is further complicated by the fact that both are rivals in the fight for the attention of Mr McGregor's lovely neighbor, the affectionate animal lover Miss Bee.

The secret life of insects

When the kind-hearted traveling artist Apollon arrives in the insect village, life in the kingdom of insects turns upside down! Apollo is falsely accused of kidnapping the queen of insects, even though the real conspirator is the queen's cousin who has coveted her throne. Apollo has no choice but to pursue a bold plan to save the Queen with his new friends.

Adventures of Tatina

Tārtiņš Tatuņš embarked on a great adventure when his family and the other migratory birds flew south, leaving him alone. Everyone's gone, what? The bird meets a ruby named Hairson and persuades the lonely, ever-bubbling bird to go along to the Paradise Valley. There is a rumor among the birds that it is a secret place in the mountains, where birds can spend the cold winter without grief - by the hot springs. On the way, they face the challenges of a harsh winter. Little Tatina's determination not to give up will soon win the heart of old Huron, and together they will be able to overcome winter and wait for spring, when Tatins will meet his family again.


The action of the film "Caveman" takes place in ancient times, when prehistoric creatures and mammoths with thick woolen fur were walking on the ground. At the heart of the story is the cheerful and brave boy Dags and his trusty companion, a pet-like cross between a pig and a dog. When the Bronze Age is attacked by the Bronze Age people, led by the cruel master Nuth, Dags inspires his brothers to face the enemies to save their homes.

Lino: An adventure with nine lives

Lino is a young guy who works as an entertainer at children's parties. He finds his life miserable because he lives in a hut, the girls do not make friends with him, and the children tease and mate the plants for days because he is dressed in a cat costume. The desperate Lino goes to a not-so-skilled magician who promises to change his life fundamentally. But the spell doesn't work as expected, and Lino turns into a huge cat! How to become human again now and, most importantly, how to become happy?

The secret of Coco

Miguel lives in a small Mexican village and dreams of becoming a musician. He does this in secret, because due to past events in Miguel's family, music is considered a curse there. Unexpectedly, Miguel discovers that there is a strange connection between him and his favorite singer, Ernesto de la Cruz, who is already in the afterlife. To make his dreams come true, Miguel decides to go on an adventure-filled journey to meet his idol.

Son of the Great Foot

Adam, a single thirteen-year-old, begins a daring search to find his long-lost father.

It turns out that his father is the legendary Great Foot, who is hiding in the woods to save himself and his family from the HairCo Corporation, which wants to conduct scientific experiments with his special DNA. The father and son spend time together, recovering, and discovering that Adam also had special abilities that he had never dreamed of. Unfortunately, both still have no idea that "HairCo." already mentions them on his heels.

My little pony

When evil forces threaten Ponyey, the six pony girls leave their homeland for the first time in their lives and go on an unforgettable journey far beyond its borders. In search of help, they will end up on the other side of the magical mountains, in the underwater world and even on a flying pirate ship. Pony girls will experience dizzying adventures, make new friends, learn to use the magic of friendship and be able to save their homes.

Baby Boss

This story, which is always relevant to adults and children, is told from the point of view of seven-year-old Tim - he feels separated from his parents from the moment his youngest brother enters the family. However, the newborn is not an ordinary child - he is a born leader, very intelligent and sees challenges in his business. When Tim accidentally learns of a conspiracy to destroy love around the world, he realizes that it will take a trustworthy and wise ally to stand in the way of the wicked.

Human child

Jānis Streičs' legendary "Child of a Man" (1991) is a clear and bright film about the childhood of a little Latgale boy in a farm in the 1930s. Bonanation Paulan, who is called Boukuk in the family, has his own boys' joys and worries, a lot of siblings that sometimes make the little man nervous, his best friend shepherd dog Jiks and a real love for the beautiful neighbor's daughter Bigi. When Bigi starts preparing for the wedding, little Boyuk's heart almost breaks…
Cast: Andris Rudzinskis, Jānis Paukštello, Boļeslavs Ružs, Akvelīna Līvmane, Agnese Latkovska, Signe Dundure, Uva Segliņa, Indra Roga, Romualds Ancāns and others.
Additional materials of the edition include an interview with the director from the video materials of the Riga Film Museum's 2006 exhibition "Mysteries of John Streich", as well as excerpts from the 2016 master classes, where the director talks about the behind-the-scenes of the film. The film was shot in Latgalian, the edition was supplemented with subtitles in Latvian, Latgalian, Russian, English and French.

Emergency crew: all 29 series

Favorite EMERGENCY BRIGADE movies now in new quality and all together, in one double edition!
The 5-6 minute series is dedicated to an accident, because the working day of the three men of the emergency brigade - Silink, Pottery and Bembelat - begins with the first call to the scene - these men have had to save an agitated housewife from the danger of parasitic mushrooms, mothers forget. at the airport and the city canal, the newlyweds who have been frightened by the ghosts of the ghost hotel on the very wedding night…

Bize and Neglected

Bize likes winter holidays, but this year Brother arrives in the world before the holidays. Grandmother comes from the countryside, parents can no longer pay so much attention to Bize and go to the skating rink. Bize and her imaginary friend Neglie think something needs to be done. The brother and grandmother have to be sent on a flight to the moon and their parents' attention needs to be regained.
The story reveals the child's embarrassment when someone else enters the family, as well as accurately illustrates everyday scenes, attaches great importance to details such as a milk pack in the kitchen, drawings on the wall or furniture. All this creates an everyday environment that is not detached from reality.
The animated film for the whole family "Bize and Neguulis" is a work shot by the Latvian director Edmunds Jansons in 2017, which also received the Great Kristaps as the best animated film of the year, as well as for the best animated film directing and screenplay. The idea for the story belongs to the screenwriter Lote Eglīte. Artist Reinis Pētersons. Producer Sabine Anderson.


Felix is an orphan who has only one passion and passion - dancing! Together with their friend Victor, who wants to become an inventor, they come up with a crazy plan to escape to Paris, the city of light, with the Eiffel Tower only halfway up. In the big city, Felix will have to fight for his dream like never before! She will have to beat herself and learn something new to realize her most insane dream - to become the brightest ballerina and star at the Paris Opera.

Smurfs: The Lost Village

In the new, fully animated "Smurfs" series, our heroes find a mysterious map and go on a perilous adventure to search for the lost village. The road will lead the smurfs through a mysterious forest where magical beings live, but they will be followed by the evil wizard Gargamel. Smurfs have no idea that going through all the tests, they will reveal the biggest secret of smurfs!

Snow Queen 2

After the victory over the Snow Queen, the trolls can finally enjoy their freedom. Troll Orms, who played a significant role in the victory, has become a real hero. But that seems too little to him. Each time recounting the triumph of victory, Orms increasingly exaggerates his role in what happened. The more he adorns his story, the more he believes that he alone has won the Snow Queen and will soon marry the princess, gaining her innumerable riches ... But how far has Orm taken his lie?

Smurfs: The Lost Village

In the new, fully animated "Smurfs" series, our heroes find a mysterious map and go on a perilous adventure to search for the lost village. The road will lead the smurfs through a mysterious forest where magical beings live, but they will be followed by the evil wizard Gargamel. Smurfs have no idea that going through all the tests, they will reveal the biggest secret of smurfs!


Ice Age: The Great Clash

In his epic chase mission after an elusive tit, the scene is unexpectedly thrown into the universe, where a whole series of space-sized accidents are accidentally arranged. To save the Ice Age world and also from the impending cataclysms, Sid, Manie, Diego and other animals are forced to leave their homes and embark on a journey full of humor and adventure in search of new and exotic lands.

The secret life of pets

When the two-legged residents of an apartment building in Manhattan go on their way, their pet's day can begin. They tend to visit each other, watch TV or talk about their hosts and the best ways to get a snack. Terrier Max's usual daily routine breaks down when his mistress Katie brings home a giant dog named Duke one evening. Recorded in Latvian by Ainārs Ančevskis, Aija Andrejeva, Ilze Ķuzule, Gints Andžāns, Andris Bērziņš, Lauris Dzelzītis, Mārtiņš Egliens, Jānis Jarāns, Juris Kalniņš, Jānis Kirmuška, Laila Kirmuška, Pēteris Liepiņš, Edgars Lipors Pēteris Šogolovs and others

Ghost Hunters

The cult film of the 80's takes its second breath in 30 years! Ghost hunters once saved New York from a ghost attack, but when the city is in danger again, the heroes of the past are no longer able to defend themselves. Is it time for other brothers to take their place ... or brothers? The young four of the ghost hunters are ready to sacrifice themselves, protecting their native megalopolis from all sorts of mosquitoes! year cult movie takes its second breath after 30 years! Ghost hunters once saved New York from a ghost attack, but when the city is in danger again, the heroes of the past are no longer able to defend themselves. Is it time for other brothers to take their place ... or brothers? The young four of the ghost hunters are ready to sacrifice themselves, protecting their native megalopolis from all sorts of mosquitoes!

Finding Dorie

It's been half a year since the events in "Finding Nemo." Nemo's girlfriend Doria, who has regular memory problems, unexpectedly remembers her childhood and the fact that she was once separated from her parents. Deciding to find her family, Doria goes on an adventurous trip to the Institute of Marine Flora and Fauna, during which she meets new friends - octopus Hank, whale Bailey and whale shark Hope.

Wolf in sheep's skin

Gray claims to be the leader of the next wolf pack, as well as the heart of the most beautiful girl. Despite being a herd's favorite, he is still a hopeless rake. To become the next brawler and regain the heart of his beloved Bianka, Gray goes to the forest, where he discovers a gypsy-rabbit cloak. The fortune teller gives him a "Transformation Potion". Gray drinks it and goes back to his wolf's nest, but immediately upon arriving at the settlement reveals that he has turned into ... a ram!

How to tame a dragon 2

The exciting second installment of the epic "How to Train Your Dragon" trilogy takes us back to the fantastic world of Hick and Nezobo five years after the two had successfully reconciled dragons and Vikings. While Astrid, Snūģis and the rest of the gang challenge each other in a dragon race (a favorite sport on Berka Island), the two inseparable friends travel long distances to create maps for all hitherto undiscovered areas. During the current trip, they find a strange cave, home to hundreds of hitherto unknown species of dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider. Hick and Nezobis are drawn into a battle to save the world - they have to fight for what they believe in and only by working together will both friends be able to change the future of humans and dragons.

Kungfu Panda 3

Finding his long-lost father, Po travels to a secret place called a panda paradise to meet his fun brothers. However, they soon receive the news of the villain Kaja, who has begun to methodically destroy all the kung fu masters in China. Po must do the impossible - teach his clumsy friends all the secrets of martial arts in a short time so that the newly formed kung fu team will face Kaja.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Great Bubble

When he learns that Dave has decided to go to Miami to seduce his girlfriend, the chipmunks try their best to disturb him, because they are worried that the expectant stepmother will spoil the existing family idyll. However, once the chipmunks are blacklisted at the airport for hooliganistic behavior on the plane, they have to find their own way to the destination to avoid engagement. Chipmunks are ready for anything to save your family - even go on a grand swarm across America!


Welcome to Zootropolis, a city home to a wide variety of animals. Everything happens here in the same way as with people - there are both elite districts in the city, as well as those where it is better not to stick your nose. When a young policewoman, Bunny Judy, appears in Zootropolis, her chatty and cunning fox Nick becomes her colleague. They will both have to solve a difficult case on which the fate of the inhabitants of the entire Zootropolis will depend.

Polar Bear Norms

The norm is a life-satisfied and chatty polar bear. His only concern is tourists who come to the Arctic regularly. But when an ambitious real estate developer is planning to build luxury homes on bear land, Norma is full of patience. He, as befits a normal polar bear, goes to New York to personally stop construction plans. Together with three brave Lemps, Norms conquers the city, joins a real estate corporation, survives an identity crisis, and eventually saves his home. Roles have been recorded in Latvian: Gints Grāvelis, Edgars Lipors, Katrīna Kalniņa, Zane Dombrovska, Dainis Grūbe, Juris Kalniņš and others.


Robinsons Cruz

Parrot Tuesday enjoys an idyllic life on a small island in the middle of the ocean with other beasts. One day, a strong storm off the coast of the island destroys a ship, but on the beach washes a strange two-legged creature - Robinson Cruz. Although it is difficult for beasts and humans to understand at first, over time they make friends. This harmony is disturbed by two wild cats who want to become the rulers of the island. Friends start fighting with cats and gradually discover that a real friendship can defeat anything, even ugly cats. Parrot Tuesday, along with other beasts, enjoys an idyllic life on a small exotic island in the middle of the ocean. However, Tuesday's biggest dream is to travel the world. One day a strong storm off the coast of the island destroys a ship, but on the beach washes a strange two-legged creature - a man named Robinson Cruz. Tuesday even realizes that Cruz could be his ticket to the wider world. Cruz also quickly realizes that he will only be able to survive on this island with the help of Tuesday and other beasts. At first, it is not so easy, because animals do not speak human language, but over time they learn to live in a friendly way. This harmony is disturbed by two wild cats who want to become the rulers of the island. Friends start fighting wild cats and gradually discover that true friendship can defeat anything, even ugly cats.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Nut Movie

Charlie Brown, Snoopy and many favorite characters - for the first time in a full-length animated film! The world's funniest dog Snape, who is also a great pilot, goes on his most exciting flight to catch the villain Pink Baron. Meanwhile, his friend Charlie Brown begins an unprecedented adventure.
Roles in Latvian have been spoken by: Kārlis Mūrnieks, Justs Munics, Justīne Silakaktiņa, Eremijs Sējāns, Aleksandra Pazuha, Meldrs Richter, Lueta Meldere, Melania Svenzicka, Madlēna Silakaktiņa.

Hobbit: Battle of the five armies

"Hobbits: Pi