Books for the little ones

Books by Latvian authors

Ieva Ziediņa. Ole Bole: Little stories about a little girl

Gunta Šnitke, Andrejs Prigičevs. Ten sausages in the sky

Inese Zandere. Cat on the piano

Maris Rungulis. The sparrow does not sleep

Uldis Polis - Politis. Cloud house

Liene Bērziņa, Kitija Role. Helmet

Ieva Samauska A Sleeping Cop and a Dream

Lilija Berzinska. Flying pig house

Ingrida Berzina. Who sleeps in hibernation?

Kiss pot. Poems for mom

Andris Marts. The stories of the mysterious river

Māra Lībiete. My friend a poem

Ilona Bakše, Ieva Zalepugaite. Mārīte Punktīte

Catch the word! For the little ones

Iveta Mielava, Marta Laima Mielava. The alphabet arrives by car

Aija Lisovska. It will be an adventure, Made!

Elena Skuratova. Riga food fairy tales

Evija Gulbe, Linda Lošina. Coco and Rico school stars

Inga Mastina. The fox is driving a car

Nice and Mīlīte. A collection of fairy tales

Princess and Angel. A collection of fairy tales

Arta Ozola-Jaunaraja. Mole and silver shoes

ABeCe. My first letter book

Agnese Vanaga. The first words of small Latvians

Linda Nemiera. Round baby

Diāna Kaijaka. Hugo is looking for a dream

Andra Manfelde. A tale of a snow mole

Books by foreign authors

Anuka Ricara. Anna and Froga

Ilona Bakše, Ieva Zalepugaite. Mārīte Punktīte smiles and plays

Father Jansone. What happened next? A book about Bumbulite, the troll Moomin and little Mija

Indrek Kofs. To home

Einata Carfati. It could have been crazier

Tereza Sediva. Mole in a black and white cave

Petri Tamminens, Valpuri Kertula. How to expect an alien

Based on the work of Tuve Jansone. Adventures in the Mummy Valley

Ingo Ziegner. The Little Dragon The Coconut and the Mystery of the Mummy

Edgars Valters. Poke stories

Ilo Pikovs, Anne Pikova. Tuk - Tuk!

Disney. Nice stories for sweet sleep

Disney. Raja and the last dragon

Disney Princesses. 7 stories about friendship

Reference books

Zane Zusta. I am the boss

Monika Vaicenavičienė. What is a river?

Peter Wolleben. Do you know where the animals live?

Laura Polence. Songs for children

Kirsi Rehunena. Cognitive games for little researchers

Keitja Deinsa, Kirsti Bjotimena. What are viruses?

Let's play theater. Short stories

Lina Žutaute. Monstropedia with Kika Mika

Gints Tenbergs. Who lives on a farm: Get to know the nature of Latvia!

Gunta Šustere. Who arrived here ?: Get to know the nature of Latvia!

Richard Wilkinson, Joe Nelson. Historium: Welcome to the museum

Planet Earth: Explore and find out

Why? Why? How so? What do we do in winter?

Why? Why? How so? Adventures seekers and discoverers

Why? Why? How so? Experiment and discover