Books for teenagers up to 7th grade

Books by Latvian authors

Andra Manfele, Neonilla Medvedeva. Draw a white case

Kristīne Ulberga. Kaiziv, who did not eat people

Inese Zandere. Boy with a dog. The story of a kept secret: the second book. Bunker

Inga Žolude. For the first time on Earth

Zigmunds Bekmanis. Around the world on the back of fleas

Santa Knopken. The Tale of the Little Rookie and the Rogue Shameless

Dzintars Tilaks. Horror

Ieva Melgaile, Elizabete Lukša-Ražinska. Emi and Roo. Robot heart

Kārlis Ķezbers. Dwarf world trip

Lauris Gundars. The whale is back

Books by foreign authors

Johanna Spiri. Heidi - a girl from the Alps

Johanna Spiri. Heidi is home again

Anna Starobiņeca. Fuck me

Agnes Balint. Franks, cat scared

Margita Auere. School of Magic Beasts 2. Pits

Joanna Kathleen Rowling. Fantastic creatures and where to look for them

Jeff Kinny. Greg's diary 15. At the very bottom

Rabbit Pēterītis 2. Based on the motifs of the new film

Lucy Deniels. Animal house 1. Rescued kittens

Lucy Deniels. Animal house 2. The runaway rabbit

Jana Bauere. In the Dead thicket

Jana Bauere. Wildflower and crazy winter

David Valsams. I don't know

David Valsams. Ice monster

Kairi Looka. Pija Prjanika and the bandits

Anti Sarah. Pert crawled

Russell Panters, Simona Bursi. Alice in Wonderland (based on a book by Lewis Carol): a story in pictures

Russell Panters, Mateo Pincheli. Three Musketeers (based on a novel by Alexander Dima): a story in pictures

You are Nessebar. Will Doctor Proctor be able to save Christmas?

Erina Hunter. Clan Cats 5: A New Prophecy, Twilight

Erina Hunter. Clan Cats 4: A New Prophecy, The Light of the Stars

Erina Hunter. Clan Cats 3: A New Prophecy, Dawn

Reference books

Chris Formel, Raman Prince. Planetarium: Welcome to the museum

Richard Wilkinson, Joe Nelson. Historium: Welcome to the museum

Katie Scotland, Katie Willis. Botanicum: Welcome to the museum

Paradise Flower. Peppermint

Isabella Minos Martins, Maria Manuel Pedroza. Here, inside. The brain in your head. Guide