Events in the children's library in October

Review of new books for students from 5th to 9th grade.

Tenter in the library - QR code game for 6th-7th grade. In an active way, using pre-prepared worksheets with QR codes, students learn to navigate the collection of books and other materials.

Runcis Misiņš invites first -graders - as every year the librarian goes to the first classes of Gulbene school and hands over an invitation from the messenger Misiņš with an invitation to come to the library.

Creative workshops on Saturdays:

  • October 5 - Hama pearl workshop (Let's create Hama pearl pendants);
  • October 12 - Workshop of Natural Materials (From various natural materials - leaves, twigs, acorns, chestnuts, stones, let's create paintings)
  • October 19 - Color Games (Let's work with gush paints in different techniques)
  • October 26 - Love Pillow (Let's sew a love pillow from felt and various pieces of fabric)