Meeting with children's book writer Evija Gulbi

On April 27, Evija Gulbe will be waiting for the little readers to talk at the Gulbene Children's Library. The young writer is already the author of six books. The most recent of these books is the second book about the little rats Kok and Riko, who live in the oldest house on Grauzēju Street. Of course, the little ones are big bad guys, but how can they get to know the world differently, if not by trying, making mistakes, arguing, going on adventures, learning to beware.

The author herself is a teacher by education. She has worked at the school for six years. She was a teacher of Latvian language and literature at the Hanseatic High School. Evija was probably a fun teacher, as she had also been involved in creating the SWH black humor chart for ten years. At the moment, we can hear her voice every day on the SWH program "Morning Suite", in which she was asked to participate by the well-known radio DJ Fredis (Andris Freidenfelds).

In total, Evija has written six books - two books of poems "Poems" and "Ece-bece-alphabet", as well as story books "Coco and Rico" (parts one and two), as well as a beautifully illustrated picture book "Bizbizmassiņa".

All books have color illustrations. They have been drawn for almost all of Evia's books by her friend Linda Losina.

We are waiting for the little readers together with their parents on April 27 at 15.30 in the children's library for a meeting with the authors. The meeting promises to be fun, interesting and exciting. We welcome all interested parties - both small and large readers.

Solvita Lībere
Gulbene Children's Library