Reading lessons in front of the children's library

Gulbene Children's Library wants to celebrate the birthday of the writer Juris Zvirgzdins, in the end the writer has reached the age of 75 , but has not lost the ability to wonder and fantasize. This is proved by his own latest children's books - The Sleeping Tale, The Winter's Tale, The Lion's Roar and himself, the most recent recently published book The Angel's Journey.
And how can a writer's birthday be celebrated in the library? Of course, reading his books - stories, fairy tales. Therefore, the Gulbene Children's Library declares February to be the month of Juris Zvirgzdins' books and invites students to read the Lion's Roar.

Information about the writer
Writer Juris Zvirgzdiņš was born on February 13, 1941 in Torņkalns, Riga. Studied at the State University of Latvia, Faculty of History and Philology. Worked as an editor in book publishing, currently a freelance publicist. Juris Zvirgzdiņš enters the literature in 1982. He has written plays, miniatures, stories and essays. Author of the novel Memoirs of Mr Von Metkatces (2003). Juris Zvirgzdins' works have been translated into Russian, English, Italian, Lithuanian and other languages. Writes for children since the 80's. In 1999, his first book for children - an adventure novel-fairy tale "Once upon a time in Kurzeme" - won the spring award for the best original literary work for children and also the Pastariņš Prize (2001). The next one - the long story-fairy tale "The Return of Beavers" (2001) - wins the 2002 prize in children's literature. In 2009, Juris Zvirgzdiņš received the Pastariņš Prize for the second time for the books "Our Latvia", "Knorke or Tobias and Fufu are looking for Mozart" and "Container Girl Rudite". In 2009 he received the International Jānis Baltvilks Prize in Children's Literature and Book Art for his books "Our Latvia", "Mouse, Point and Gutenbergs" and his contribution to the development of Latvian children's literature. He has written the following books for children: "Tobias' Nonsense Stories", "Tobias Goes to the World", "Franklin's Hat", "The Last Dragon and Arthur Wow!", "The Bear Armor Hunt".
Gulbene County Library also has a large selection of books by Juris Zvirgzdiņš. Especially in the children's library. We have a total of 25 children's books by the writer. There are many books about the small but smart teddy bear Tobias.
Juris Zvirgzdiņš about the beginnings of Tobias' biography: “Neither I nor Tobias himself knows where and why the name came from - Tobias. Tobias - and the point is no more than anything else. But I also don't know why my name is Juris. Tobias was presented to me in 1993 by the artist Arta Ozola-Jaunarāja. In general, he came from the toy salon "Paija". Later he had several brothers or maybe cousins, you can't really understand, they also came from "Paija", one of whom lives with Irbe Treile. Five years ago, Tobias encountered his radar piece - then there were hugs, touch, tears and so on. As among long-lost relatives. ”
It was interesting to know that the writer fits the classic notion of what a real writer should be like. He does not have a computer, he does not use e-mail, he has an idea of the possibilities offered by the Internet, but it is quite approximate. However, there is a lot of paper described, even more so - undescribed paper.

We invite primary school teachers to come to the library with their classes in February and listen to the writer's fairy tales - the Lion's Roar in front of the reading class.

Hmm, it even seems to me that the writer himself is a bit like a kind-hearted lion with colorful flowers in his mane.

The writer himself has said of reading that "every reading is a loan." In my opinion, this is a good description of the writer's works, because by reading them, the reader learns a great deal - he borrows knowledge.

Classes will take place in the children's library. We expect teachers to apply in advance by calling 64473266, writing to or coming to the library during office hours from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Solvita Lībere
Head of Gulbene Children's Library