The final of the National Reading Competition Gulbene region is here!

The final of the National Loud Reading Gulbene Region will take place on April 12 at 11.00 in Gulbene Children's Library.

Gulbene County Library in co-operation with the National Library of Latvia (LNL) has started the Reading Competition with the participation of 11 - 12 year old 5th and 6th grade students .

On April 12, 14 students from four schools will go to the Gulbene County Library to compete to be the representative of our region in the main reading competition in Riga.
This year, four schools were involved in the competition - Gulbene Primary School, Gulbene Secondary School No. 2, Stāķi Primary School and Lizuma Secondary School.
The local Loud Reading Competitions have been held in these schools since October, where the best loud readers have been identified.
We invite all those interested to come to the Gulbene Children's Library on April 12 at 11 a.m. and keep your thumb on your reader!
Maybe OUR will become the Children's Director of the National Library of Latvia - an inspirer!
The list below shows the order in which new readers will read an excerpt from their favorite book.

  1. Jānis Spenners
  2. Emilija Mia Kundrāte
  3. Bernadeta Balode
  4. Ervins Marcis Trule
  5. Marta Birzniece
  6. Jānis Eldis Ķiploks
  7. Peter Romanov
  8. Annija Keita Avina
  9. Undine Meissite
  10. Mikus Rukmanis
  11. Kitija Mazmača
  12. Samanta Savicka
  13. Rasa Rozina
  14. Liene Baumane