Book start and tomcat Brass is waiting for the little hats in the library!

For the fourth time, the Gulbene Children's Library is participating in the reading promotion program for pre-school children from 3-4 years of age and their parents. And for the second time, the tomcat Messina will join us to work together with the children in the Gulbene Children's Library on four Saturdays in March. What will we do? The main thing is to read books - every Saturday one with Brass, of course! Because books are indispensable for the growth of a smart, curious, educated and successful next generation of Latvia, and libraries are great places to inspire reading and help your friends grow.

Brass also promises to dance and maybe even sing. We may also be visited by a friend of the rotten Brass… But let it remain a secret for the time being!

Parents are invited to apply for the Book Start by March 7th . Unfortunately the number of places is limited, so we encourage parents not to delay.

The first lesson will take place on March 10 at 11.oo in Gulbene children's library. It will last for one hour.

You can apply and get more detailed information by calling (64473266), writing an e-mail ( ), coming to the children's library during business hours from 10 am to 6 pm.

We are waiting for the little readers!

Solvita Lībere
Head of Gulbene Children's Library
Pussy Brass
Gulbene children's library cat

For reference
"Book Start" addresses and involves families in reading, offers creative and developmental lessons. During the visit to the library, each small participant is given a specially designed set of "Book Start" owls - a backpack, a reading book, a favorite and useful material for parents about reading. Book Start encourages library doors to remain open to the youngest readers.
"Book Start" is a reading promotion program for preschool children created by the Children's Literature Center of the National Library of Latvia, which takes care of reading pleasure, reading skills, education and personal development.