The competition "Find in Gulbene" is over

On March 9, the children gathered in the reading room of the children's library for the closing event "Find in Gulbene". The competition was organized by Gulbene County Library in cooperation with Gulbene County History and Art Museum.

From February 5 to March 7, the competition "Find in Gulbene" took place in the Children's Library. The competition had four rounds:

Round 1 - "Search in Gulbene" - the teams had to recognize the buildings from the old photos and find them today.

Round 2 - “Search the Library” - the teams had to search the history of important buildings in Gulbene in the local history reading room, put puzzles with the old pictures of Gulbene, orient themselves on the library bookshelves and remember the riddle.

Round 3 - “Search in the museum” - the teams went to the Gulbene County History and Art Museum where they got acquainted with the exhibition dedicated to the history of Gulbene.

Round 4 - "Count the Swans" - the teams had to look for swans in the city.

13 teams participated in the competition - 37 participants. At the closing event, the children admitted that they really enjoyed participating in this type of event and did not have any difficulties in completing the tasks.

The best teams received diplomas and awards from the library for their participation. The other teams received thanks for participating.

The participants of the competition started in two age groups: 1st-5th grade, 6th-9th grade. In the 1st-5th grade group, 1st place for the team "Super Girls", 2nd place - "Great Four", 3rd place - "Wolves". In the 6th-9th grade group, 1st place - “Zaglēni”, 2nd place - “Dullais tririjs”, 3rd place - “Limoni”.

The posters prepared by the teams during the competition can be seen in the reading room of Gulbene Children's Library until March 23.

Anda Crimea
Children's library