Action in the Children's Library "Book Speaks"

Every family or circle of friends has had a discussion about the books they have read. Even without realizing it, one often chooses to read what others recommend. Gulbene Children's Library invites you to take part in the campaign "Book Speaks", with the aim of promoting reading aloud in families with children in Gulbene region.

Promotion conditions:

  • Record an audio file (no longer than 2 minutes) in which you tell the annotation / description of the book or read your chosen excerpt and send it by September 7 (inclusive) to the e-mail , more information - 64473266;
  • One reader can submit descriptions of multiple books, each in a separate file;
  • We will especially enjoy the involvement of the whole family in this campaign, describing their favorite book together;
  • At the beginning of the audio recording, introduce yourself, your family, surname;
  • Write your name, surname and telephone number in the e-mail, because maybe it is your family or you will receive a surprise prize from the Gulbene Children's Library;
  • Preschool and school age children up to 9th grade can participate in the campaign together with their families or individually.

The recorded audio files will be included in the QR code. As part of the campaign, an exhibition of readers' favorite books will be on display at the Gulbene Children's Library from September 14 . Each book will have a QR code, read it on your smartphone, you will be able to listen to the description of the book and get inspired to read it.