New exhibition at Gulbene Children's Library

For several years now, the colorfully illustrated “Latvian Alphabet”, published by the Movement for Latvian Culture in Education, has been available to those interested. It is intended for preschool children. An alphabet, a workbook and a selection of short films are available.

The leader of the movement, Solvita Lodiņa, thinks that most modern school-age children have a flat and dry collection of language. Many students use little adjectives in their vocabulary, which prevents them from expressing themselves and formulating an idea. This textbook is designed to teach a child to listen to, feel and experience language. As the child tales with the heroes of the fairy tale, the child's language also becomes richer.

Traditionally, the Vītols family from Druviena, known in Latvia and close to their ancestral values, also took part in the presentation of Latvian teaching materials.

Currently, an exhibition of illustrations by the alphabet artist Aina Tobes can be seen in the Gulbene Children's Library, as well as all publications related to this Latvian book are available and viewable.

The exhibition will be open until the end of March.

Solvita Lībere
Gulbene Children's Library

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On October 14, 2011, the association "Movement for Latvian Culture in Education" was founded. Its 14 founders are closely connected with various Latvian educational institutions and the learning process. The main idea of the establishment is to unite teachers and practitioners for the purpose of exchanging experience and for the purpose of developing new methodologies and teaching aids in which the Latvian traditional culture is fully reflected and understood by modern children.

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