Reading lessons for juniors resume

Gulbene County Library is the initiator of the Reading Fun Lessons, which have been taking place in Gulbene County schools for several years. During these lessons, Latvian writers go to schools and spend two hours as teachers.

The aim of the lessons is to popularize reading, to introduce students to Latvian writers who write for specific age groups. Reading lessons have already taken place twice and the schools of Gulbene region have been visited by many well-known and beloved children's book authors - Inese Zandere, Māra Cielēna, Māris Rungulis, Ieva Samauska and others, as well as book illustrators Reinis Pētersons, Irena Lūse, Anda Strautniece and others.

This is the final cycle of Reading Hours, this time Latvian writers Laura Dreiže, Linda Nemiera, Laura Vilka and poet Toms Treibergs are invited to Gulbene. All authors will meet students from 7th to 9th grades and attend Gulbene Secondary School No. 2, Gulbene State Gymnasium and Lizuma Secondary School.

This time the emphasis is on the audience of teenagers and young people up to 9th grade. This age poses challenges not only for librarians, but also for book authors who write for such an audience. At this age, young people are dominated by active bacilli, they want to do many different things, they are idealists and many are dreamers. There is a possibility if this age is the beginning of a young person's literary activity, and all that is needed is a push. It is hoped that the meeting with the new authors involved in the project, who have also started writing at this age, will encourage some of the audience to do the same. Of course, a conversation / meeting with the authors could definitely encourage young people to get acquainted with the books written by the authors themselves - not only novels, but also poetry. During the project, the authors would spend two hours each in different schools for different classes - from the seventh to the ninth.

Linda Nemiera writes most extensively in the genre of urban fantasy in Latvia. Her first book "The Story of a Train" won a promotion prize in the competition "Latvian Original Literature for Children and Youth" organized by Zvaigzne ABC.

Linda Nemiera will lead reading lessons for juniors on January 23 at Lizuma Secondary School, then at Gulbene Secondary School No. 2. Classes will be held for ninth grades.

The young writer has written eight books, the last of which is "The Cat in a Bag", "The Secret of Sofia" and a picture book for the little ones "The Owl and Pinsch Air Castle".

The project is financially supported by the State Culture Capital Fund.

Solvita Lībere
Head of Gulbene Children's Library