Internet safety classes at Gulbene Children's Library!

For the 15th year in a row, World Safer Internet Day will be celebrated on 6 February with the slogan "Safer Internet starts with you!" environment.

Undoubtedly, the daily lives of children and young people are linked to Internet technology, but not everyone understands that we are gaining 'digital citizenship' by taking advantage of technology. Every Internet user must be aware that they must take responsibility for their actions in the Internet environment, and there are certain standards of behavior in this environment that must be observed.

Gulbene Children's Library regularly organizes classes on Internet safety. A couple of years ago, I used a book called Waffle School to tell children about safety and courtesy on the Internet. At that time, the hero of the book - Waffle - also visited us. This school year we will learn the study material on smart and safe use of the Internet - the book "Planet 7".

This time in the lessons we will talk about the "digital footprint" - what it really is, we will try to understand the issues related to security and disclosure of private information in the Internet environment.

Dear parents, are you sure that your child is able to work online with safety and courtesy?

Ingrida Rubene
Gulbene district libraries
chief librarian