Reads, gets acquainted, learns and works creatively in the children's library

In November and December, Gulbene Children's Library hosts both entertaining, exploratory and creative events for smaller and larger visitors and readers.

Reading lessons for juniors

Gulbene County Library is the initiator of the Reading Fun Lessons, which have been taking place in Gulbene County schools for several years. During these lessons, Latvian writers go to schools and spend two hours as teachers. The aim of the lessons is to popularize reading, to introduce students to Latvian writers who write for specific age groups. Reading lessons have already taken place twice and the schools of Gulbene region have been visited by many well-known and beloved children's book authors - Inese Zandere, Māra Cielēna, etc., as well as book illustrators Reinis Pētersons, Irena Lūse, etc.

This is the final cycle of Reading Joy Hours, this time Latvian writers are invited to Gulbene, who write to a teenage audience - Laura Dreiže, Linda Nemiera, Laura Vilka and poet Toms Treibergs. Already on November 28 at Lizuma Secondary School and Gulbene Secondary School No. 7 The students will meet the new writer Laura Vilka . She has written a series of exciting stories about Dana - "Dana and the Medallion", "Dana and the Second World" and "Dana and the Shadows of Memories". On December 13, the young poet Toms Treibergs will lead the Reading Joy Classes at the Gulbene State Gymnasium and Lizuma Secondary School. He not only writes poetry, but also criticizes theater and cinema. The project is financially supported by the State Culture Capital Fund.

Brass invites first-graders

For several years now, the tomcat Misin has been frequently found in the Gulbene Children's Library. He is especially happy to see young first-graders in the library, who are especially invited to come to the library. This year, Brass and the librarians have prepared a video invitation inviting children to come and read books. We are happy when the children come to the library with the teacher and read a new children's book together with the tomcat and work creatively in the workshop of the brass-clad Brass.
We are waiting for all first classes to visit!

Competition for Latvia "Search, think, find out!"

Latvia's 99th birthday… Latvia's centenary awaits… Good work week… Patriot week… There was a lot of talk about Latvia, so we wanted to know what children know about Latvia. You can also come to the children's library and test your knowledge of events important to Latvia.

Competition1. The children had to create a business card for Latvia, naming the first and current president, the year and date of foundation, the symbols of the Latvian state, the author of the anthem, as well as painting the coat of arms of Latvia in the right colors. Round 2 - Find 15 words in the letter grid and write a short story using at least 5 words. There were also questions about the author of the Freedom Monument, the land border of Latvia and Lāčplēsis Day. Round 3 - search for all cities with birds on their coats of arms and mark them on the map of Latvia. At the end of the test questions - "What do you know about Latvia?"

Sweet prizes for the most active, accurate and patient contestants.

Creative workshops in the reading room

In November, creative workshops related to the national holiday took place in the reading room of the children's library. The children made greetings, created collages and together with a volunteer from France - Elise, made Latvian brooches.

In December, the library will start preparing for Christmas. On December 5, we will make snowmen, on December 9 - table decorations - gnomes, on December 16 - Christmas greetings, on December 23 - Christmas tree decorations - hearts and snowflakes, on December 30 - waiting for 2018, we will create our own calendar. Everyone is welcome to join.

National Reading Competition

Four schools of Gulbene region are also participating in the National Reading Competition organized by the LNL. This is the first time such a competition has been held among 11-12 year old students in Latvia. Already all autumn, Gulbene Primary School, Gulbene Secondary School No. 2, Lizuma Secondary School and Stāķi Primary School, 5th and 6th grade. students read aloud in their classrooms. In the competition, students read their favorite book aloud, thus not only improving their reading skills, but also interesting other classmates to read this book.

On April 12, the best readers will go to the regional semifinals in Gulbene County Library, where one - the best new reader will be nominated, who will represent Gulbene Region in Riga, the National Library of Latvia on May 12, competing with 30 more readers from all over Latvia. And the winner will become the Children's Director of the LNL with special powers for a whole year. We hope that this competition will continue next year!

Solvita Lībere
Head of Gulbene Children's Library