"Once upon a time a tomcat in Brass Gulbene ..."

"Once upon a time a tomcat in Brass Gulbene ..."

Can you think of and draw a creative story on this topic?

Runcis Misiņš will be waiting for the stories of 1st - 4th grade Gulbene district students until February 22.


  • The story must be no longer than an A4 page.
  • The story can be typed or handwritten.
  • The story must have an illustration that must be attached to a separate A4 page.
  • Stories and illustrations must be submitted with your name, school name and class.
  • Stories must be submitted to the Children's Library by February 22.

In case of doubt, call - 64473266 or write - solvita.libere@gulbenesbiblioteka.lv