The Brass School of Little Wise Men is running in the children's library

For the fifth time, Gulbene Children's Library is involved in the activities of the Book Start. "Book Start" addresses and involves families in reading, offers creative and developmental lessons. It is a reading promotion program developed by the Children's Literature Center of the National Library of Latvia for pre-school children who take care of reading pleasure, reading skills, education and personal development. More than 70 children of Gulbene region have already been active in the library and have also received a special book bag with which to visit the library in the future. It is a pleasure that many of these children are active book readers and users of other library services.

In 2019, 57 libraries have participated in this program throughout Latvia, and the number of libraries is increasing every year. Gulbene parish libraries are also involved in Book Start activities. 2019 it was Litene Parish Library, this year Stradu Parish Stak Library.

The starting mascot of the book is the wise Pūčulēns, who also visited the Gulbene Children's Library in the first lessons. For several years now, the mascot of Gulbene Children's Library has been the tomcat Misin, who is a great friend and supporter of Pūčulēns. Already in 2019, children's librarians and a tomcat Misiņš invited the little three- and four-year-olds to attend the school of the little wise men of Runtis Misiņš together with their parents. Also this year, the school of the little sages of Muntina Briss resumes its activities and invites to join the activities in the Gulbene Children's Library.

Runča Misina's School of Little Wise Men will be open once a month on Saturdays from 11.oo. The first lesson on January 25. Application until January 24.

Classes will take place for one hour. During this time, the children and parents, together with the school principal's toad Brass and the librarians, will read books, sing a little and move, think, talk a lot and laugh.

We will agree on the following dates in the first lesson.

The tomcat Brass is very much waiting for the little sages! For more information - , 64473266 or coming to the children's library.

Solvita Lībere
Head of Gulbene Children's Library