Literary lessons in the children's library

Maija Laukmane is an author of contemporary children's poems, born on May 17, 1953 in Kandava.

Currently, the writer, a poet living in Talsi, is retired, but has spent her working life working as a reading room manager at the Talsi Children's Library.

Maija Laukmane writes poems for both children and adults. There are also several fairy tale books for children - "Sleeping Stories of a Sleeping Beauty", "Stories of Tupelīšu and Pīmuks", "Cunduriņš and Glittering Moonlight". A hand has also been tried in writing stories for teenage audiences - “Long live the summer punishment!”, “Dash across”, “No bean peel”, “Smile! The bird will fly away ”,“ The air smells like love ”and“ Call Adria Elsa ”.

Maija Laukmane is a laureate of the Pastariņš Prize - for her bright debut in poetry for children, it was won by the book “Apples in Bols” and “Rain Make Jokes” (2005). In 2007, the book "Heart without a Fence" was recognized as the best poetry book of the year by DELFI readers. On October 27, 2007, the FIRE POETRY OF THE YEAR prize was awarded. The last two books are written for adult audiences.

Her repository of poetry is Latvian folklore, mythology, teaching of national morals, Latvian traditions. She is also a collector and systematizer of folklore in her region, a researcher of Kurzeme traditions. Poems come to the poet immediately. At night, there is always paper and a drawstring near the bed. A poem can be made in an instant, then it is also written.

The poems written for the poet's children are full of love and observation - both nature and the seasons, the relationship between people, jokes and words. The very latest collection of poems for children "Headphones on Headphones" tells about the journey to yourself - here you can find poems about the body - about hands, feet, nose, ears, eyes and mouth.

Her collection of poems "Twenty-Five Clouds" was recognized in last year's Children's Jury's book collection.

We are happy because the poetess Maija Laukmane will also visit the children's library of Gulbene region on November 2 . More details will be available later.

In order to welcome the poet to Gulbene, the Gulbene Children's Library invites students from 1st to 4th grade to attend literary lessons dedicated to Maija Laukmane's work for children.

Apply for classes by calling 64473266, writing to or coming to the children's library.

We are waiting!

Solvita Lībere,
Head of Gulbene Children's Library