Children's library activities in OCTOBER

The workshops of Runch Brass resume on Saturdays from October:

  • On October 6 , we will read the story "The Greatest Delicacy in the World" together, after reading the story, we will make finger puppets and perform a finger puppet theater.
  • October 13 - Fun masks. We will make face masks from different materials.
  • October 20 - Poetry workshop. Let's read children's poems and try to revive the poems by drawing them.

In October, the children's library invites Gulbene school from the 1st to the 4th grade. students to attend the literary lesson "Nose for Boredom", dedicated to the author of contemporary children's poems Maija Laukmane. Students of Gulbene PII are also invited to the literary class.

On November 2, a meeting with the poetess Maija Laukmanis. More details will follow.

In October, we are waiting for Gulbene school classes to review the new books.