Summer day camp for children "Following the threads"

For the first time, Gulbene County Library is organizing a summer camp for children aged 11-13 "Following the Threads". The aim of the camp is to actively introduce students to the cultural and historical places of the parishes by walking around the four parishes of Gulbene district. In each parish, students will get acquainted with a well-known writer or artist in the parish and their works.

The camp will last for five days, from July 22 to July 26 .

On the first day we will go to Beļava parish . The leading motif of the day will be the Belgian-born artist Voldemārs Irbe. Let's look at Kārtene castle mound and observation tower, Beļava manor. Let's get acquainted with the library of Beļava parish. A young volunteer from Georgia will take part in the camp, who will teach the camp participants to draw with watercolor crayons.

On the second day we will go to Lejasciems parish . Here we will get acquainted with the writer Anna Saxi, born in Lejasciems, and the "Tales about Flowers" written by her. Let's see Sēravots, Lejasciems library and go for a walk along the Flower Trail.

The third day will be spent in Lizuma parish under the sign of Apsīši Jēkabs. Let's go to Kalanggi, see Lizuma manor. We will be interesting to work together with Evita, a librarian from Lizuma Parish.

On the fourth day, the road will lead to Druviena parish . The poet and writer Jānis Poruks was born in this parish, so we will get acquainted with his work "Battle at Knipska". We will take a walk around the Pearl Bridge, get acquainted with the Druviena Old School-Museum, as well as with the Druviena Parish Center under the guidance of Druviena Parish Librarian Daiga.

On the last, fifth day, the activities will take place in the Gulbene district library . Students will prepare presentations and relax to introduce their accomplishments to their parents in the afternoon.

On the first day, each camp participant will receive a workbook with tasks to complete by the end of the camp. Each parish will have 10 tasks - both creative, resourceful and cognitive. For all four days, students will be invited to take photos of what is going on around them, cultural sites and camp participants.

We invite you to register your children in advance in our cognitive camp, as the number of places is limited.

Participation fee 15 €. Apply by July 9, writing to , calling 22023043.

Solvita and Rūta,
Gulbene County Library