The book starts again in Gulbene Children's Library

The four Saturdays of March in the children's library were full of activity, laughter, running, active activities, reading books and a toad Brass. These days, little three-year-olds gathered here with their families to get acquainted with the library. The encourager of the small readers was the tomcat Brass. Although at first some of the little young readers were a little scared of our cat, in the last lesson, on March 25, the cat had become everyone's best friend.

In these classes, Brass, together with the children and their parents, cut and glued, painted and shaped, as well as doing homework and reading books together. Also moved a bit! And drank milk!

It was a pleasure that the children, together with their parents, got acquainted with the extensive collection of the library, which includes not only books, but also puzzles and games. In the library, you can not only read, but also meet friends of your age and older, read a book with your parents, play games and watch a movie. We hope that these little readers, who now have their own reader's card, will be serious visitors to the library and will one day become very good readers of books.

See you a year later, when Brass will be waiting for other three-year-olds again to introduce them to the library!

Solvita Lībere
Head of Gulbene Children's Library