Invites to write poems!


The association "Ascendum" and the Latvian Council for Children and Youth Literature (LBJLP) announce a poetry competition, in which children and adolescents from 5 to 15 years of age from all over Latvia are invited to participate. The best works will be published in the poetry yearbook for children "Garā bupa 2017", which will be published for the fourth time since the renewal of this edition - during the annual Poetry Days.

This year, in memory of the beloved writer and artist Jānis Jaunsudrabiņš and in honor of his 140th birthday, four themes from Jaunsudrabiņš's White Paper have been selected for the poetry competition. However, it is not the task of the contestants to write poems about the White Paper and its author. The themes of the White Paper are inspiration - they are also important in today's children's lives. Get inspired by New Silver, but watch, think and express yourself and the world around you. Send poems made of free will and for your own pleasure! However, it is important that poems are written in good Latvian, as well as punctuation is used correctly if they are used.

The poems will be judged by the poet Inese Zandere, the compiler of the yearbook "Long Bean", the animation director Edmunds Jansons, who made the film "White", and the director of the play "White Book" Inga Tropa. The best works will be published in the children's poetry yearbook "Garā bupa 2017", but their authors will receive a copy of the new yearbook and surprise prizes.

Poems must be submitted electronically by May 31, by sending an e-mail to with the reference "Long beans for the competition". The e-mail must also include the author's name, school and class, as well as e-mail address and telephone number.
"Long beans" Jaunsudrabiņš competition topics

The man and his name. Me and my name. How to choose a name for a child?
"There lay a little man with round black eyes. (..) And then I asked the little one a name. "He has no name yet. When he grows up, let's take him to church, where the pastor will give him a name. ”

Unemployment and work
“For all the wrongdoing I had to be punished more or less, and other people made my mother tie it in a white handkerchief so that no one would come out of me; but there was nothing I could do about it. But all my work was so serious and important… ”

People and pets
"It simply came to our notice then. Then it took many lives to die, which I had met so well in the summer. (..) I felt the nearness of death and I was terrible. (..) [The little lamb] was especially sorry for me. (..) But in fact, they were still children who wanted to live like me; but there was nothing they could do - they needed something. People wanted meat. ”

Twilight hours. Transformations, dreams and stories
"At dusk, the appearance of all the people disappeared and it seemed to me that they had all changed. Those I didn't like the day now became lovely. (..) Twilight hours were also created for telling dreams, ghost stories and the adventures of the elderly. ”
Every year, about 30 Latvian poets take part in the creation of the Poetry Yearbook "Long Bean" to offer their youngest poems and poems from different languages to children and teenagers. Every year a new poetry play is created for the yearbook, a special set of Latvian folk songs is created, reminders about notable personalities in the history of Latvian literature and their poetry children are also published, new finds in the archives of poets. A whole chapter in the book is devoted to children's creativity.