Creative August in the Children's Library

During the last month of the summer holidays, the children were creative in the reading room of the Gulbene Children's Library. Accompanied by the librarian, the children learned how to fold boxes, butterflies, frogs, fish, hearts and much more.

The children learned the art of origami folding. The children were especially pleased with the 3d origami technique, which required great patience and precision. To fold one swan, you have to fold more than 300 identical pieces, which put together wonderful works. Emilija Posse and Enija Nartiša folded the pieces from this difficult work with great patience. These girls folded swans and a beautiful dragon.

Old books gained a second life, turning into hedgehogs. The children liked the folding of hedgehogs very much, even the boys, who only use the Internet in the reading room on a daily basis, got involved in folding the paper with great interest and patience. More than 30 hedgehogs were caught during the week. The children diligently prepared these folded works, wanting to give them to their mothers or to their teachers and educators on September 1.

The children were happy to be creative.

During the operation, new ideas emerged, which will be implemented in future creative workshops, which will resume in the reading room of the children's library on October 1 in the cycle “Runča Brass Creative Workshop”. We look forward to seeing you!

Gulbene children's libraries
chief librarian Anda Crimea