Meeting with Inesa Zander within the cycle of talks "On both sides"

November 22 at 11.00 Latvian journalist, publicist and author / poet of children's literature, book editor Inese Zandere will meet with students within the conversation cycle "On Both Sides". 16.00 - with adults .

During her career, Inese Zandere has worked in the newspapers "Diena", "Pionieris", as well as in the magazine "Rīgas Laiks", where she also held the position of editor-in-chief. Since 2004 she has been the editor-in-chief of the publishing house "big and small". The poetess is also known for her poetry and plays dedicated to children. She has received several awards for her work in the literature. Since 2014 Inese Zandere and her supporters have resumed publishing the children's poetry yearbook "Garā bupa".

Inese Zandere's poems have been written in Russian, English, Swedish, German, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Czech, Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian and Moldavian.

She has won the Literature of the Year Award for the books "Inside and Out" and "Black Snake Bakery", and has been nominated for the collection "Bird's Sleep", which has also won the magazine "Latvju Teksti".

One of the last works is a musical performance with stories by Inese Zandere and music by Renārs Kaupers directed by Inese Mičule at the Valmiera Drama Theater.

This year, the publishing house "Liels un mazs" has released the latest collection of poems by Inese Zandere for preschool and young school-age children "The Child Who Did Not Fall", illustrated by the artist Reinis Pētersons.

For adult readers in the publishing house "Neputns" in 2014. after a break of more than ten years, the poet's fourth collection of poetry "Bird's Sleep" has been published. In 2015, the publishing house Mansards published a collection of poetry “From the small. Poetry 1975-2015 ”.

Solvita Lībere,
Gulbene County Library