Reading lessons start as early as next week

On September 28, the writer Luīze Pastore, who has written the well-known book "The Mask Story", will visit Gulbene. Inga Beitiņa and artist Reinis Pētersons will visit Luise. The meeting will take place at the Galgauskas School Art Class and the Gulbene Art School.

Gulbene County Library continues the Reading Joy classes started in previous years. In lessons, book authors spend one lesson encouraging students to read books. The lessons took place in schools on the spot and took place in Litene, Galgauskas and Stāķi primary schools, as well as in Gulbene secondary school and Gulbene secondary school for young preschoolers who are already in the fourth grade. Hours of reading were led by Inese Zandere, Māra Cielēna and Indra Sproģe. Good feedback was received from children, especially from rural school students and teachers.

This year, the State Culture Capital Foundation supported the project "Reading Hours: More Fun Together", in which the authors of the books will go to schools together with an illustrator of one of their books. The aim of this project is to interest the child to read, to create an idea about the process of creating a book, about the compatibility of illustrations and content. Luīze Pastore together with Inga Beitiņš, Ieva Samauska with Anda Strautniece, Inese Zandere together with Reini Pētersons, Māra Cielēna with Irēna Lūsi and Māris Rungulis with Agija Staku will take part in these lessons.

Already next week, on September 28, the writer Luīze Pastore will visit Gulbene, who has written the well-known book "The Story of Maskachka" and a whole series of books Art Detectives, in which three books have already been published. Each book solves an event related to a known painting that has already been painted. Luīze Pastore for "Art Detectives" has received the Jānis Baltvilks Award in Children's Literature / 2015 / and the Latvian Literature of the Year Award for the Best Book for Children / 2016 /. Inga Beitiņa, who is known for her curious art lover Mulu, will visit Gulbene together with Luize. Together with Mulu, the reader learns what the landscape is, the still life, the portrait and how the animals are depicted in the paintings.

Both of our guests will visit together with the artist Rein Pētersons. The meeting will take place next week at Galgauskas School Art Class and Gulbene Art School.

Special thanks to Sandra Dikmane, the director of Gulbene Art School, and Rudīte Liepiņa, a teacher, for their prompt involvement in the preparation and implementation of Reading Lessons.

Solvita Lībere
Head of Gulbene Children's Library