February in the children's library

Literary lessons are dedicated to M. Stāraste, the mistress of fairy tales and pencils, who has a birthday on February 2. Students from 1st to 4th grade are invited to attend.

Friends' game-competition for student teams (2 participants) "Find in Gulbene" . Application by 9.02. Start 11.02. The game will last until 23.02. The game will have two rounds - from 11.02 to 16.02 .; 18.02.-23.02. Teams will be judged in two age groups:

  • up to 5th grade
  • from 6th grade

"Tenteris pa bibliotēka" - library lessons in which students actively use QR codes until the 5th grade. gets acquainted with the placement of library books on the shelves, gets acquainted with the latest reference books.

Creative Saturday in the reading room of the children's library :

  • February 2 : "Margarita Stāraste -105", we will get acquainted with the writer's works; let's play games, work in a creative workshop;
  • February 9 : "Waiting for a Heart Day", together with the book "Where to Take One Hug" and "Owl Stories", we will create Valentine's Day decorations;
  • February 23 : Creation of a memory pad and a memory diary.

Runch Misiņš School of Little Wise Men - Lesson 2 on February 16. Children between the ages of three and four participate with their parents.

Safer Internet Day February 7 - In the afternoon, students will be invited to play a "Waffle Game" in the children's library reading room with questions about internet safety.