Project "Nature (T) breath in the library".

In August, Gulbene County Library started implementing the project “Nature (T) Breath in the Library”. The aim of the project is to acquaint children and young people and other interested people with books about nature written by Latvian writers, encouraging the acceptance of reading as a meaningful activity on a daily basis; encouraging the practical application of the knowledge gained on nature protection. The first meeting took place with nature researcher Māris Olts and ornithologist Viesturs Ķerus.

30.09. Linda Kukare-Aldersone, the author and illustrator of children's books, will visit Gulbene Secondary School.
Linda Kukare-Aldersone lives in Ranka and works at Ranka Primary School.

The writer is the author of children's books "Traktoriņš Brum-Brumā", "Adventures in Lielmeža", "Adventures of Lielmeža residents in the city". Lielmežs is a wonderful place where a variety of animals live. The seasons replace each other, but the great foresters do not just end up in different adventures - both to do different nonsense and to do good things.The illustrator of the written books is the author herself and her son Gustav.

The cycle of events “Nature (T) breath in the library” is supported by VKKF.