Cycling - a challenge - new appointments!

Summer is a time for outdoor activities. This summer pampers us with the sun and the blue sky. It just wants to work out! And they also want to learn something new, see, meet people, talk to friends. Librarians of Gulbene Children's Library want to start a new tradition in the summer - bicycle trips to the nearest libraries of the county together with their young readers and readers' parents.

We very much hope that July 13 will be a sunny and nice day, because on this very day we will go to the very close Stradu Library, which is run by an active and attractive Ineta. She will introduce us to her library, work creatively with the participants of the trip. Then we will go to Baskāji trail and Stauk library of Dauksti parish, where we will be met by librarian Laimdota. There will be lunch, as well as fun activities.

We hope that it will be one day full of active, new acquaintances and fun activities, so we invite children to apply both separately and together with their parents, older brothers and sisters and spend this day out together! The ride is free , water, small moorings and an accompanying car will be provided.

Gathering at Gulbene district library on July 13 at 9.30, departure 10.00 . In total, about 20 km will be covered.

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t. 64473266,
or log in at the children's library.

Detailed route description:
Gulbene County Library - Stradu Parish Library (2.8 mi / 4.5 km)
Stradu Parish Library - Basque Trail (2.5 mi / 4 km)
Basque trail - Daukstu parish Rays Library (2 miles)
Staru Library - Gulbene County Library (5.3 mi / 8.5 km)