Reading lessons “Mom and Dad” Where? At the resort! ”

Reading lessons “Mom and Dad” Where? At the resort! ”

Did you know that Māra Zālīte sent her first poem for publication herself and already in the fifth grade? Did you know that Māra Zālīte's first novel (Five Fingers) was published in 2013? And did you know that Māra Zālīte is celebrating her birthday on February 18? You already knew at least some fact about Māris Zālīte!

In short: she is a playwright, poet and author of children's stories. The greatest joy is about it, because the language of Māra Zālīte is clear, she, while reading only a few works, takes over the joy of clarity of thought and words, complexity and simplicity.

Gulbene Children's Library also invites to celebrate Māra Zālīte's birthday! How can we celebrate, if not read the writer's last charming story about mom and dad, who are a little quarreled and have decided to go to the resort to relax and fix. And then it just started!

Want to know what happened next? Apply for a reading session in front of the Gulbene Children's Library or read the charming book by Māra Zālīte "Mom and Dad at the resort"!

Classes will take place from February 13 to February 24 in both Gulbene Children's Library and schools.

Solvita Lībere
Head of Gulbene Children's Library