Literary lessons - about Aspasia

The staff of Gulbene Children's Library continues the literary lessons started for several years, in which students are introduced to the biographical data of a poet / writer / and his works. In February, primary school students got acquainted with the life and work of our countywoman Anna Saxe, with an emphasis on fairy tales about flowers.

This month, from March 9 to 13, the students of Gulbene Primary School got acquainted with the interesting life of the poetess Aspazija and her works. Students had the opportunity to listen to the poet's voice recording, as well as learn many interesting facts from her life. First-graders were able to watch two cartoons based on Aspasia's poetry for children - Nebeda and Sitting on the Door Tale. Slightly older children got acquainted with Aspazija's poetry, which has been translated into Slovenian and is performed in the rhythm of hip-hop. A total of 13 classes from all Gulbene schools attended classes.

Thanks to the children and their teachers for their creative cooperation!

Solvita Lībere

Head of Gulbene Children's Library