Runcis Brass invites you to celebrate Family Day together!

For several years now, the Family Day has been especially celebrated throughout Latvia, when the role of the family in human life is especially discussed. There are many different activities on this day, in which the whole family enjoys spending free time together.

Family Day will also be in Gulbene Children's Library this year! This year we will be happy to be with the participants of the Misina and Gulbene Cultural Center Children's Theater. We are waiting for our readers - both large and small in Gulbene Children's Library on Saturday, May 19. At 11:00 we will see the performance of the Gulbene Culture Center Children's Theater “Snail Cyclist” . Then let's play games - smart, active and fun - with Brass and each other!

For reference

International Family Day is an international holiday that is celebrated annually on May 15th. International Family Day is a day created by the United Nations, which has been celebrated around the world for more than 20 years. The UN General Assembly Family Day was established in 1993, and the first International Family Day celebrations took place on 15 May 1994.

International Family Day has been celebrated as an official holiday in Latvia only since 2008. Celebrating International Family Day, all families are honored, and everyone is encouraged to think about the immeasurable role of the family in people's lives, devoting more time and attention to all their family members - parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, children.

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