History of the library

December 17, 2015 Gulbene County Library has been re-accredited as the main library in the region.
As of January 1, 2014 Gulbene district parish libraries are 17 structural units of Gulbene district library.
December 27, 2013 Gulbene County Council decides to change the name of Gulbene County Council institution "Gulbene Library" to "Gulbene County Library"

June 11, 2011

Gulbene Library starts working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because it offers its readers a new service - it is possible to hand over library books, magazines, DVDs and CDs without the presence of a librarian. The library has purchased books, magazines, CD / DVD transfer equipment "3M Bookdrop", which was purchased within the framework of the LEADER program of the EU European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

December 22, 2010

As a result of the accreditation process, the Gulbene Library has been re-granted the status of the main library in the region.
July 15, 2010 New bookshelves have been purchased in the children's library, a children's corner has been created from modular shelves.

January 1, 2009

The Gulbene Library, with the financial support of the European Commission, operates the European Commission's Europe Direct Information Center, whose branches operate in the Alūksne City Library and the Madona District Library.

May - June 2008

The reader service department underwent cosmetic repairs, furniture and equipment were replaced.

June 2007

Within the framework of the Public Library Development Project “Third Father’s Son” co-financed by the State of Latvia and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the ten Latvian Regional Librarian Training Centers was established in Gulbene Library. Librarians from Alūksne, Balvi and Madona districts study at the training center.

March 30, 2007

The library celebrated its 60th anniversary

February - March 2007

The reading room of the local history and humanities reading room was cosmetically repaired, all furniture and equipment were replaced.

January 2006

The adult reader service department starts issuing / receiving automated books in Alice. Therefore, all library processes can be considered automated.

November 14, 2005

Gulbene Library receives a library accreditation certificate, where as a result of the accreditation process the status of the main library of the region has been granted.

April 1, 2005 - December 31, 2008

With the financial support of the European Commission, the Gulbene Library operated the European Commission's Europe Direct Information Point, whose branches operate in the Alūksne City Library and the Madona District Library.

January 2005

The children's library starts issuing / receiving automated books in Alice. Library readers receive new barcoded reader cards.

February 27, 2004

With the financial support of the State Culture Capital Fund's target program "Cooperation of Libraries, Archives and Museums in the Digital Environment", the first interactive CD "Library, Museum, Archive - a Bridge from the History of Gulbene to Today" is being created. The Gulbene Library, Gulbene History and Art Museum, Alūksne Zonal State Archives participated in the implementation of the project. The disc has three main sections: the city in figures and facts, the photo gallery "Gulbene", children's animation and the interactive game "Gulbene district". 14 people took part in its creation. The disc was recognized as the "Most Interesting Content" project.

September 2003

A children's play-recreation corner is being set up in the children's library with the financial support of the State Culture Capital Fund and the city council. As a result, mothers with babies have the opportunity to relax and learn - fairytale mornings, reading events, etc.

End of 2002

The library receives funding for the pilot project “Development of a Unified Information Network for Latvian Public Libraries” in the project “Vitalization of Resources in Creating a Customer-Oriented Library”. The main task of the project is to create the concept of a public library website, as well as the development and approbation of a cooperation model between Gulbene and Stāmeriena libraries in the development and use of electronic resources. As a result of this project, a new (third in a row) library website is being developed.

Summer of 2001

With the financial support of the Soros Foundation - Latvia, SIA “Vidzemes būvnieks” and Gulbene City Council, a ramp for people with disabilities was created. In November 2001, a group of project experts, consisting of representatives of the Soros Foundation - Latvia, the Association of Disabled People and their Friends "Apeirons" and the Construction Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, recognized it as one of the best implemented projects. could serve as a model for other similar projects in Latvia. As a result of this project, on the 1st floor of the library, where the library information center, the Public Internet Access Point, the children's library, people with disabilities, the elderly who have difficulty climbing stairs, as well as new mothers with prams can enter and use the library services .

March 8, 2001

The Northeast Latvian Public Internet Access Point Support Center has started operating in the Gulbene Library, within the framework of which a conference hall equipped with modern multimedia equipment is being opened.

February 28, 2000

The Public Internet Access Point or Internet Reading Room on the 1st floor of the library is opened.

Beginning of 2000

The library creates its first website on the Internet.

June 1999

For the first time, a dial-up Internet connection is being set up in the library. Visitors are provided with access to the first databases on the Internet (Lursoft, NAIS).

January 29, 1999

The library information center started operating on the 1st floor, thus more opportunities arose for the reading room for local history and humanities, which is located on the 3rd floor.

March 1997

The library celebrated its 50th anniversary

As of January 1997

Gulbene District Library is managed by Gulbene City Council.

March 22, 1985

The building of the new district library was ceremoniously opened, where the Gulbene Children's Library is located on the 1st floor, and the Gulbene Registry Office on the 3rd floor.


A new culture house was built in Gulbene, with a district library on the 2nd floor and a children's library on the 3rd floor.

As of November 1954

The children 's department is separated from the district library, creating an independent children' s library at 32 Rīgas Street (on the premises of a former shop with a weather vane), but the district library is once again moving to Rīgas Street 44.


The library is located at Rīgas Street 47 (Bērzu 2, on the corner).


The library was run by Wilhelm Rikveil. As Gulbene was badly damaged during the war, the library was also damaged. Reviewing and revising the fund according to the laws of the time, you can see that new inventory books are being launched. The library moved from Rīgas Street 28 (45 sq.m.) to Rīgas Street 44.


The city library is being moved to 51 Rīgas Street, in a wooden building in the so-called Matīsa House, which was located on the side of the sidewalk. The building was demolished in the 70's. Now further away from the sidewalk is an apartment building with the number 51. The head of the library is Alfons Snips, the son of the Red Rifleman Otto Snip, who fell in the Second World War on a scout hike by Jānis Reinbergs 100 km from Latvia.


Gulbene City Library was located in the building of the city board at Pils Street 2, the fund was 935 volumes, the head of the library was Vilma Kupča, an employee of the city council. This year, the city board has allocated 300 lats for the maintenance of the library and reading room (compared to 1500 lats for the maintenance of a doctor). The library of the Gulbene branch of the Latvian Railway Association was located at 11 Dzelzceļa Street (in the former building of the Railway Club) with 1136 volumes (1935).
L. Kauliņš Private Library with 1691 volumes was located at 11 Brīvības Street. There has also been an entrance fee of LVL 1 or LVL 2 in this library.

February 1931

With the support of the Culture Foundation, the Gulbene City Municipality Library with 659 volumes worth 1,350 lats (total book weight 14 pudi) has been established. This year, 150 lats are provided for the library from the city budget.


A library of the Vecgulbene branch of the Latvian Youth Union was established in Vecgulbene with a starting fund - 62 editions, but in 1925 there are already 1,003 volumes and 116 readers. Members of the Vecgulbene working youth group helped to set up the Maliena district library. The press reports that on March 23, 1915, Zeltmata's play "Welcome" was staged in the Library Society, but in December of the same year K.Tartufari's play "The Rain of Life" and A. Chekhov's play "The Tribulation" were staged. Lectures and other events have taken place at this association, the choir "Song Power" was founded in 1921.


There is reason to believe that the work of libraries in our city began in the 19th century. In 1871, the Library Society was founded. In the 97th issue of "St. Petersburg Newspapers" in 1902 it was written that Baron von Wolf of Vecgulbene had donated 500 rubles for the construction of the library, but there is no information where the money was spent further. At that time, the baron himself owned a book store worth one and a half million gold rubles.

Directors of Gulbene Library:


since August 1998

Antra Sprudzāne

from 1977 to August 1998

Laima Lupiķe

In 1975

Silvija Suntaža

In 1974

Rasma Vanaga

from 1970 to 1973

Austra Brūvere

from 1961 to 1969

Inese Duka