Regional Training Center

Working time:
P, 0, T, C, P - 9.00 - 17.00
S, Sv. - Closed

Head of the Regional Training Center Rūta Bokta tel. 64474825

It started its operation in 2007 within the framework of the Public Library Development Project “Third Father’s Son” co-financed by the Latvia and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. One of the ten Latvian Regional Training Centers was established in the Gulbene Library, which successfully implemented the professional development and education of librarians in Gulbene, Alūksne, Balvi and Madona districts.






Since June 2008, the Regional Training Center has been a structural unit of the Gulbene County Library. Its main task is the professional development of the region's librarians, as well as the identification of the educational needs of the residents of the city and region of Gulbene and the development of appropriate programs. Thus, creating an opportunity for the population, regardless of age and education, to increase their competencies and acquire new knowledge, skills and abilities to work with computers and the Internet, as well as the information resources offered by libraries, free of charge.

Gulbene Regional Library Regional Training Center provides study processes in a fully equipped and well-equipped computer classroom, equipped with:

  • 20 laptops
  • 1 teacher's computer
  • 1 server computer
  • Multifunction devices (printers, copiers, scanners)
  • Widespread interactive screen (portable projector also available)
  • Wireless data transmission equipment
  • Laser control panel
  • Webcam
  • Headphones

Information on study opportunities at the Regional Study Center of the Gulbene Regional Library is available here .

We offer to use the premises of the Regional Training Center of the Gulbene Region Library for courses, seminars, meetings and other events for up to 30 people. The room is landscaped, equipped with a stationary computer class.