Readers' service department

Working time:
P, 0, T, C, P - 10.00 - 18.00
S - 9.00 - 15.00 (from 1.X - 1.VI)
Sv. - Closed

Chief Librarian Jelena Bogdanova tel. 26180697, 64473219

In the reader service department, located on the 2nd floor of the library:

  • Registers and serves readers, distributes books at home,
  • performs individual work with the reader - provides consultations, fulfills requests, reserves books, performs work with debtors,
  • informs readers about the new achievements of the library - systematically creates annotated lists of new books, helps to create individual reading plans, ensures the receipt of books in order,
  • regularly works on the publicity of the library, preparing and publishing information on the planned activities, new acquisitions and services of the library,
  • organizes library lessons, in which the work of the library, information search possibilities, offers are presented, various thematic reviews of the latest literature are prepared and read,
  • organizes literary events for a wide audience of library visitors,
  • organizes exhibitions of works by local artists,
  • prepares exhibitions of current and thematic literature,
  • offers the option of receiving books on an interlibrary loan (SBA) if the book is not available at the library,
  • in co-operation with the system librarian, completes and re-completes the collection of the reader service department, - selects obsolete and outdated literature,
  • participates in the methodological work of the library, provides consultations to the employees of parish and school libraries,
  • performs project development,
  • provides service for readers with disabilities at home.

Offers a variety of options for the visually impaired:

  • to rent "talking" or audio books, which we compile in cooperation with VA "Latvian Library for the Blind",
  • receive books in Braille
  • use a magnifying glass, video magnifying glass and telescopic magnifying glass in the library for viewing printed text and handwriting, photographs, reading small print, flipping through magazines, solving crossword puzzles,
  • work at a computer - write, read articles with text and image magnification more than 2 times.