Collection organization work

Alice administrator of the library information system
Inga Caunite tel. 64471458

The main directions of the collection work:

  • select, maintain and provide access to a variety of information resources for anyone interested
  • to promote economic and social development, lifelong learning in the region with an up-to-date collection corresponding to the status of a user-oriented library
  • to complete the collection in accordance with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia, IFLAS guidelines and the development policy of the collection of the Gulbene Regional Library

The main tasks of the collection and organization work:

  • to regularly compile documents in all fields of science
  • to create an up-to-date and universal collection for different user groups
  • to ensure the topicality of the collection by regularly cleaning the collection from worn-out, outdated and unsolicited documents
  • Provision of BIS Alise operation in Gulbene district libraries
  • creation and maintenance of electronic joint catalog of county libraries in accordance with the requirements of BIS Alise
  • providing consultations and practical assistance to parish and school librarians on issues of collection and operation of BIS Alise