Children's library

Gulbene Children's Library is a structural unit of Gulbene Library.

Working time:
P, 0, T, C, P - 10.00 - 18.00
S - 9.00 - 15.00 (from 1.X - 1.VI)
Sv. - Closed

Head of the Children's Library Solvita Lībere tel. +371 64473266
Chief Librarian Agita Upāne tel. +371 64473266
Chief Librarian Linda Laizāne tel. +371 64473266


The purpose of Gulbene Children's Library :

  • To ensure quality user service in accordance with the information, cultural and entertainment needs of children and young people;

Tasks of Gulbene Children's Library :

  1. to provide Gulbene city pre-school / primary school age and youth age (up to 16 years) children with quality literature for both school needs and meaningful leisure time;

  2. to be a place for spending free time that offers meaningful spending of this time;

  3. to present news in the Internet environment;

  4. to develop projects in the offered project competitions;

  5. to participate in projects offered by the LNL.

Short-term task - to offer as much of the latest children's literature as possible, to participate in the activities offered by the LNL, to be experts in the field of the latest children's literature, helping both adults and children to choose it

Long-term task - to develop the most sustainable possible cooperation with institutions operating in the field related to children (schools, PII, social, cultural institutions), as well as to create new innovative services for children, especially adolescents

Children's library reading room services :

  • provision of information,
  • information printouts,
  • creation of bibliographies on various topics,
  • literature review: the latest literature and thematic,
  • Extensive collection of reference publications: encyclopedias, dictionaries, on-site literature for on-site reading,
  • thematic folders (thematic copies and excerpts from periodicals),
  • local history references,
  • use of an automated workspace for readers,
  • periodicals for on-site reading,
  • media literacy classes on safe use of the Internet.

Terms of computer use for library visitors: Reading room automated workplace - readers have access to 4 computers with Internet connection

  1. The time of using the automated workplace (computer) can be reserved in advance by applying in the library reading room or by phone - 64473266

    • if the registered person is more than 15 minutes late, the next user has the right to use the computer;
    • the time of use of the automated workplace for one library visitor is:
      • for training and self-education - 1 hour per day,
      • 30 minutes a day for entertainment sites.
  2. Before starting work, the user presents a reader's card and reads the terms of use of the computer. It is advisable to check whether the computer is working, to report any deviations from the norm and program errors (also during the work) to the librarian immediately.
  3. The user is not allowed to change the computer parameters, window layout and shape, main surface, configuration and software, as well as to perform any kind of installation (programs, games) on workstations.
  4. Automated workstations are not allowed to play computer games.
  5. Only one user can be at the computer at a time. Do not work in outerwear or use food while working.
  6. If the user wants to copy files from the Internet using a floppy disk or flash memory, this must be agreed with the librarian.
  7. Any damage to inventory, data and software caused by the user must be compensated by the user.
  8. Persons who violate the terms of use of the automated workplace (computer) will be denied the opportunity to use the services of the reading room in the future!













Children's library subscription services :

  • Register and serve readers
  • Hand out books at home
  • Provides on-site viewing and home movies and DVDs
  • Provides advice
  • Fulfills readers' requests
  • Offers the opportunity to receive books on an interlibrary loan (SBA) basis if the book required by the reader is not available at the library.
  • Creates and organizes exhibitions - both books and children's own works,
  • Organizes library lessons, in which the work of the library, opportunities, offer,
  • Creates literature reviews on various topics on request,
  • Organizes literary events for children,
  • Allows babies to play with their parents in the Play Corner,

As a result of the EAFRD-funded project "Purchase of equipment to meet the information needs of readers and leisure time", the subscription is equipped with new, modern furniture and bookshelves suitable for children.

Use of the services offered by the children's library in 2017 :

2017 The total number of readers of Gulbene Children's Library is 1354 readers, of which 1060 are children and young people under 18 years of age. It is more than in 2016. Coverage is 80.2% of children registered in the city under the age of 18.

The direct target audience of Gulbene Children's Library is students of Gulbene city schools. There are three general education schools in the city - Gulbene Primary School, Gulbene Secondary School No. 2 and Gulbene County State Gymnasium. Number of readers in 2017 The percentage of these schools is distributed as follows:

  • Gulbene Primary School has 290 students, of whom 253 or 87% are readers of Gulbene Children's Library;
  • 602 pupils study at Gulbene Secondary School No. 2, of which 371 or 62% are readers of Gulbene Children's Library;
  • Gulbene County State Gymnasium has 204 students, of whom 75 or 37% are readers of Gulbene Children's Library.

The second largest target group is pre-school educational institutions, of which there are three in Gulbene. 38.4% of preschool children in 2017 are readers in Gulbene Children's Library.

  2016 2017
Average Visit (Number) 74.5 72.7
until 18.g.   65.4
Total average issuance 128.6 126.4
Average issue of books 84.7 84.5
children's books   59.6
Average children's library visit for 1 reader (number of times)   15
One day DVD movie released 5.3 4.4
Games played in one day 13.6 22.9
One reader per year has taken (number of books) 18.3 17.6
Fund turnover (number of times) 2.3 2.5
Book fund turnover (number of times) 1.6 1.8
Each game played (number of times) 86 102
Each DVD viewed (number of times) 3.6 4
Each magazine viewed (number of times) 8.1 9
Spent on 1 reader (EUR) 2.04 2.19