Briefly about the library

O.Kalpaka street 60A,
Gulbene, LV 4401
26180697  Sabīne Jefimova

There are 28 libraries in Gulbene region, of which 17 are parish libraries, 8 are libraries of educational institutions and Gulbene region library, which performs the functions of the main library of the region and the region.

Gulbene County Library is a Gulbene County Municipal Institution located in Gulbene, O.Kalpaka Street 60A. Gulbene County Library has its own building, which was opened on March 22, 1986. The total area of the library is 1220 m.

In the framework of the project “Establishment of a Support Center for the North-Eastern Latvian Public Internet Access Point in the Gulbene Library” in 2001, a modern conference hall for 40 people was established in the library, which was supported by the Open Society Institute in Budapest.

From 2007 to 2010, an ambitious project was successfully implemented in Latvian public libraries, covering all Latvian municipalities - the Public Library Development Project “The Third Son of the Father” co-financed by the State of Latvia and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As part of the project, a Regional Training Center was established in the library.

As a result of the administrative-territorial reform, since July 1, 2009, the former Gulbene district has had one common Gulbene municipality with 13 parishes and the city of Gulbene as the administrative center of the municipality.

On December 17, 2015, as a result of the accreditation process, the Gulbene County Library has repeatedly acquired the status of the main library of the region. Thus, based on the Library Law, where the tasks of the main library of the region are defined, as well as in accordance with the regulations approved by Gulbene County Library and Cabinet Regulation No. 355 of 07.08.2001 “Local Library Library Network Regulations”, Gulbene County Library

  • ensures the availability of its collection, databases, information systems, as well as the collections of other libraries to every user;
  • create a joint catalog of the library collection of the relevant administrative territory and ensure its availability to each library;
  • in co-operation with children's libraries, perform the functions of the main children's library in the relevant administrative territory.
  • provide advisory and methodological assistance to all libraries of the relevant administrative territory;
  • ensures the coordination of the acquisition of the library collection of the relevant administrative territory.

The Gulbene County Library is served by the following departments:

  • information Center;
  • internet reading room;
  • Europe Direct Information Center in Gulbene;
  • Children's library;
  • Reader Services Department;
  • Reading room for local sciences and humanities;
  • Collection and processing department;
  • Regional Training Center.

Since the autumn of 2007, the Regional Training Center (Alūksne, Ape, Gulbene Madona, Cesvaine, Ērgļi, Lubāna, Varakļāni, Balvi County) has been located in the Gulbene County Library, which ensures the coordinated organization of further education of librarians and users. The aim of the regional training center is to become a lifelong learning center for librarians and residents of Gulbene city and region. The regional training center provides training processes in two fully equipped and well-equipped computer classrooms.

The Gulbene Library creates and maintains a joint catalog of all Gulbene district library collections, which has been available in electronic form since 1997, but since 2000 the electronic joint catalog of the county's library has been available on the Internet.