European volunteering project

2022/2023 in the academic year, a voluntary work project (No. 2022-1-LV02-ESC51-VJT-000080173) is being implemented within the framework of the European Union program European Solidarity Corps, being the host institution of the project.

On November 8, 2022, volunteer Sara Panizio from Italy arrived in Gulbene. She will work in Gulbene for 10 months.






On Thursday afternoons, Sarah plays board games with the children








On November 30, Sara visited the Ernst Glik Alūksne State Gymnasium to tell the students about her career choice - voluntary work







On December 16, Sara organized a creative workshop for children. She was also helped by other young volunteers.









On January 11, there was a pasta cooking master class led by Sara. The response was great!





On January 20, Sarah presented herself and her country at the Children's Library






On February 6, Sara presented herself and her volunteer work in Gulbene institutions to guests from Lithuania and Estonia of the Nordplus project "Cultural education - key to adult integration".

On February 16, a pizza-making master class was held, in which 21 participants participated.








On April 6, Sara and the children made different figures from iron wires.







In April and early May, Sarah created an educational orientation game "Europe in my city." It was possible to get acquainted with various objects in the city of Gulbene. Sara has been living in Gulbene since November, so she searched for and photographed these objects herself.




On May 9, Sarah participated in the activities of Europe Day, leading gathering activities and spending time with young people from different European countries.


On June 22, the final event of volunteer Sara's project took place in the library, within the framework of which she had arranged interesting activities and activities for the children - balloon relay, balancing and blowing soap bubbles.

Marta from Italy has been a volunteer at the library since February 2024.

Quiche cooking master class together with young Italian volunteers.

Marta conducts Italian language classes for children.