Gulbene library services for people with special needs

Library services:

  • Home delivery of books;
  • More than 100 magazines and newspapers are available;
  • Free internet access;
  • Use of an electronic catalog;
  • Use of databases;
  • Provision of various inquiries;
  • Library exhibitions;
  • Thematic events;
  • Computer printing, copying, scanning, lamination

Special services:

Information center (1st floor)
Information materials on:

  • accessibility of the environment;
  • legislation for people with special needs
  • needs;
  • information booklets on social rights, institutions, etc.

Free training and consultations on the use of Internet resources

Tel. 64471335,
e-mail: ,






Children's library (1st floor)
We offer:

  • use the play corner for preschool and young school children;
  • to participate in events organized by the library

Tel. 64473266,


Subscription (2nd floor)
People with reduced mobility receive free home delivery of library supplies within the city limits
People with visual impairments are offered:

  • to rent “talking” or audiobooks on cassettes, if necessary also a cassette recorder;
  • books in Braille;
  • Use a tablecloth to view printed text and handwriting, images, and small items.
  • use of video magnifier and telephoto magnifier - for viewing photographs, reading labels, flipping through magazines, solving crossword puzzles;
  • possibility to work on a computer - read, write with text and image magnification more than 2 times.

Tel. 26180696, 64473219

Reading Room for Local Studies and Humanities (3rd floor)

  • Inquiries about the history and culture of the county, both in electronic and traditional form;
  • By prior arrangement, magazines and reference materials are offered to customers in a convenient way

Tel. 64471460,