Book a book for yourself

It is possible to reserve (order) books and other expenses, as well as extend the term of use of the expenses:

Online booking of books and other publications

To use this service, the reader must:

  • must be a registered user of the Gulbene or county library;
  • must come to the library with a reader's card, where you can log in, ie get a username and password.

If the reader is registered in the library of Gulbene or county parish and has received the authorization data, he / she can:

  • sign up online for a book issued to another reader
  • monitor your data transfer deadlines,
  • request an extension.

To book a book electronically, the reader must:

  1. Opens the electronic joint catalog of Gulbene region libraries
  2. Log in to the "User Information" tab.
  3. The Search Databases tab searches for the desired book or other edition by selecting the databases of interest in the Local Directory directory.
  4. You can view the information for the edition you want to reserve by clicking on the "Copies" button (described on the right).
  5. Select the copy in the library where you want to receive the reserved edition and place the order by clicking the "Order" button.
  6. If there is a date in the "Order" column opposite the selected copy, the edition has already been issued to another reader by that date.
    It is also possible to place an order in this case - by clicking on the date hyperlink and then - the "Order" button. The order will be queued.
    It must be remembered that
    • up to 2 expenses can be booked at a time,
    • book reservation orders are processed every business day at 11.00,
    • Reserved publications must be received at the library within 2 days of booking confirmation.
    • the system automatically denies debtors the option to book!
  7. On the next library day after 11.00 look at your user account in the "User information" section:
    • If the edition is reserved (see "Reserved"), the library address where the book can be obtained is displayed. Going to the library, because the reservation will be canceled after the specified time!
    • If the edition has been issued to another reader and the order has been placed in an electronic queue (see "Queues"), the date will be displayed when the edition will be available, ie when the reader with the book must deliver it.
    • If the reservation is refused (see "Ordered" - "Reader's orders" menu - "Canceled"), the reason will be indicated.

To check the deadline for returning publications taken from the library, the reader should:

  1. You receive a username and password in the library.
  2. Opens the electronic joint catalog of Gulbene district libraries
  3. Authorize in the section "User information" and in the menu "Issues" you can see all the entries about the books picked up in the library, as well as the deadlines for their return;
  4. In the "Undelivered" menu - for books that have already expired and need to be returned to the library as a matter of urgency.

To extend the return period, the reader:

  1. Log in and open the "Issues" menu.
  2. Click 'Request Renewal' next to the required book in the 'Status' column (no renewal is required for specifically requested books).
  3. While the librarian is reviewing the request, the list of issued books will show the status "Extension Request."
  4. Once your renewal request has been processed (status changes back to "request renewal"), you can see the new return date in the "Due" column
  5. Renewals can only be made until the return date. If this is not done, a penalty payment will be calculated automatically.
  6. The term of use of the books can also be extended by e-mail , by phone during the library's working hours - no. 26180696, 64473219, as well as on-site library.