How to become a reader

  • By registering in the Gulbene library or in any parish library of the county, the reader acquires the right to receive collection expenses from the subscription fund of the respective library, to use the collection of reading rooms on the spot and to use a computer.
  • To become a reader of the Gulbene Library, when you come to the library for the first time, you must bring a passport or other identity document with a personal identification code. It is also desirable to take a photo of the documents for approx. 3x4 cm, which will be needed to make a laminated reader card. Visitors who do not have a photo card can take digital photos for free.
  • Upon registration, you will be introduced to the terms of use of the library and will be issued a temporary reader card.
  • A reader's card must be presented at each visit. It is a personal document and cannot be passed on to another person.
  • Reading card preparation - EUR 0.37; for children, students and pensioners - free of charge.
  • In case of loss or damage to the library user card, the card is renewed upon presentation of a passport or other identity document. Card renewal fee - EUR 0.37.

Users are registered in any user service department!