Library rules

Approved by Gulbene County Council
2014 February 4


1.1. These Regulations prescribe the procedure for the provision of services by the Gulbene Regional Library (hereinafter - the Library).

1.2. Gulbene Library is a cultural, educational and information institution of Gulbene County Council (hereinafter - the Founder), registered in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the Library Law and collects, systematizes, catalogs and bibliographies of world cultural heritage and preservation, as well as ensuring the public availability and use of the information contained therein.

1.3. The rights and obligations of the library users are determined by the Library Law, other laws and legal acts of the Republic of Latvia, the Library Regulations and the Library Use Regulations.

1.4. Changes and additions to the Terms of Use of the Library shall be proposed by the Library and approved by the Founder.

1.5. The Library is obliged to acquaint the users with the Terms of Use of the Library. They shall be located in the Library premises available to the users of the Library.


2.1. A library user is any legal or natural person who uses the services of the Library.

2.2. Users are registered in the Library by presenting a passport or other personal identification document with a personal identification code.

2.3. Users under the age of 16 are registered in the library upon presentation of an identity document and the written consent of one of the parents or persons treated as such.

2.4. The library staff undertakes to ensure the protection of the submitted personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law.

2.5. When registering in the Library, the user must read the terms of use of the library.

2.6. A registered Library User is issued a Library User Card (Reader's Card), which gives the right to use the collections and services of Gulbene Region Libraries in accordance with the terms of use of each library.

2.7. The user card is a personal document and cannot be transferred to another person. In case of loss or theft of the user's card, the user must immediately inform the library.

2.8. In case of loss or damage to the library user card, the card is renewed upon presentation of a passport or other identity document.

2.9. When changing the surname, place of residence or place of work, the user must notify the relevant department of the Library at the time of the current visit.


3.1. The basic services provided by the library are free of charge.

3.2. The basic services of the library are as follows:

3.2.1. visiting the library and using the services provided to users (including public access to computers, the Internet and publicly available electronic information resources), equipment and facilities, user registration in the library, issuing books and other documents for pick-up or use on site in the library;
3.2.2. training and advising users on library collections and other information resources, catalogs, databases and other information retrieval systems and their use in the application of new information technologies
3.2.3. provision of library, bibliographic and factual information;
3.2.4. Events promoting libraries, literature and reading (exhibitions, lectures, consultations, thematic events, library tours).

3.3. Paid library services are those services which, in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments, the Library provides for a fee received in excess of the funds allocated in the basic budget.

3.4. The types and prices of paid library services are determined by the Founder. Services shall be paid for in cash in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments.

3.5. Books and other sources of information of the Library shall be distributed at home only to those users who have registered with the Library in accordance with the procedures provided for in these Regulations.

3.6. Expenses received in the library must be returned to the user by the deadline specified by the librarian. It can be extended if the expenses received are not requested by other users. Failure to comply with the deadlines for the transfer of expenses shall be subject to a penalty fee, the amount of which shall be determined by the Library and approved by the Founder. Until the fine is paid, the user will not be given printed matter and other materials at home.

3.7. The term of use of books issued by the library is 30 days, for magazines and new acquisitions - 7 days, for high-demand books - 14 days, for video and audio materials - 7 days.

3.8. No more than 6 books, 2 sets of magazines, 6 separate issues of magazines or other documents are issued to the user at the same time.

3.9. Issuance and receipt of books and other materials is registered automatically in the library information system database.

3.10. The user may not take out books from the Library and other materials that he has not received from the librarian.

3.11. Users have the right to reserve or order the necessary edition if it is with another reader. After returning the publication to the Library, the customer is immediately informed about the received book. The reserved edition must be received within 3 working days.

3.12. Printed works that are not in the collections of the Gulbene Library can be ordered via an interlibrary loan by placing an order with the librarian.

3.13. Users must observe the term of use of the publications received in the Library. The right to receive new expenses for use is only valid if the previously received expenses have been transferred in time or their term of use has been extended.

3.14. The Library will send a reminder - warning within 4 weeks to the user who has not delivered the received expenses within the specified term. From the first day of delay, the library information system automatically calculates the fine for each day of delay in accordance with the approved price list of paid services. Until the fulfillment of the debt obligations, the user has no right to receive books or other materials at home and use the Internet, office software in the Gulbene library.

3.15. The user is prohibited from damaging the Library's printed materials and other documents (making marks, deletions, tearing pages, etc.). Defects must be reported to the librarian.

3.16. The user who has lost the printed matter or caused any other civil damage must replace it with the same or equivalent printed matter or other documents, as appropriate, or reimburse the price thereof.

3.17. The value of lost and damaged printed matter is determined according to the prices indicated in the Library's accounting documents.

3.18. Their parents are liable for civil damages caused to the Library's collection by minor users of the Library.

3.19. Users who do not comply with the terms of use of the Library, abuse the work of other users or employees of the Library, are removed from the list of users of the Library for a term of up to one year, or repeatedly - completely.

3.20. The user may submit suggestions, feedback and complaints about the work of the Library to the Director of the Library or the Founder.

3.21. The obligations and rights of computers and Internet users are determined by the procedure for public use of computers, the Internet and publicly available electronic information resources (see the Appendix).


4.1. The Library ensures the observance of the rights of the Library user specified in the Library Law:

4.1.1. to use the Library's collection and information system without restrictions;
4.1.2. to use publicly available computers, as well as the Internet and publicly available electronic information resources free of charge;
4.1.3. receive complete information about the Library's collection and information resources;
4.1.4. to receive printed matter and other documents or copies thereof from the collection of the Library for reading or to receive them from the collections of other libraries, if the documents requested in the Library are not available;
4.1.5. to use other services offered by the Library;
4.1.6. to participate in solving the organizational issues of the work of the Library and in the work of professional organizations of librarians.

4.2. Library users with mobility, visual and other disabilities have the right to receive Library services within the municipal budget allocated to their place of residence. These users are served at home every 2-4 weeks.

4.3. The user has the right to the inviolability of personal data. The Library may not transfer or disclose this information to third parties without the consent of the user, except in cases provided by law.

4.4. The user has the right to submit suggestions, feedback, complaints about the work of the Library to the Director and the Founder of the Library.


5.1. Follow the Library Terms of Use.

5.2. Show a user card when visiting the Library.

5.3. The user may not take out books from the Library and other documents that he has not received from the librarian.

5.4. Do not put the used literature back on the shelves, but leave it on the table or hand it over to the librarian.

5.5. Treat printed matter, other documents and used computer equipment with care. Report any damage to the librarian.

5.6. To protect used printouts from the weather, they should only be carried in a bag or sealed shopping bag.

5.7. Return the received printed matter and other materials to the Library within the term specified.

5.8. To indemnify the Library for the damage caused or to pay a penalty payment in accordance with the procedure and in the amount specified in the Library Terms of Use.

5.9. Save printed materials received from the Library.

5.10. Do not eat or drink while at the Library collection and workstations.

5.11. Do not have bags with a size of more than 30x20 cm and food products in the open access collection.

5.12. It is forbidden to stay in the library premises under the influence of alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances, in an unhygienic condition and unsuitable for a public place

5.13. Readers should replace lost or damaged Library editions with identical or equivalent editions.

5.14. If the user cannot replace the lost or damaged printed matter or other document, he must reimburse it in cash, according to the prices indicated in the library's accounting documents.

5.15. Anyone on the Library's premises should follow general rules of conduct: conversations, noise, cell phone use, and other activities that may be disruptive to other readers should be kept to a minimum.

5.16. A library user who does not comply with the terms of use of the Library, abusively interferes with the work of other users or employees of the Library may be expelled from the Library premises.

Gulbene district libraries
director A.Sprudzāne


1. These Regulations prescribe the procedure by which visitors use computers, the Internet and publicly available electronic information resources in the Gulbene County Library (hereinafter - the Library).

2. Every visitor to the Library has the right to use the Internet services.

3. Computer and Internet services are available free of charge, except for Lursoft databases according to the price list.

4. Persons who do not have any skills or have minimal skills in working with computers or the Internet can apply to the head of the Regional Training Center for group training, as well as receive individual consultations from the Library staff.

5. Users can book a workstation in the Library for a specific time by signing in with the librarian.

6. The user can use the Internet in all departments of the Library for 60 minutes (1 hour) per day. In some cases (for work and education, etc.) in coordination with the librarian for more than an hour.

7. The user can receive computer printouts, perform scans based on the Library's paid service price list, in coordination with the library staff.

8. When starting work with the computer, the user presents the READER CARD and gets acquainted with the terms of use of the computer.

9. Before starting work, check that the computer is in good condition and notify the library staff immediately of any discrepancies found.

10. In order to use the authorized databases provided by the Library, the user must contact the Library employee.

11. The user of the library must strictly observe the rules of work safety, electrical safety and fire safety in his / her work:

11.1. Do not disconnect or reconnect the plug to the mains.
11.2. to prevent the possibility of various small metal objects (paper clips, staples, etc.) entering the equipment;
11.3. do not touch electrical wires, their connections, plugs, sockets, wires connecting computer parts, etc .;
11.4. if damage is found, it is necessary to stop the work and inform the Library employee thereof;
11.5. do not work with damaged hardware.

12. The user must monitor the operation of the computer and immediately report any damage and program failures to the Library staff.

13. At the end of the work, the user must close all used programs, arrange the workplace and log in to the Library employee.

14. Files created by the user in standard programs may be saved with the consent of the Library employee.

15. The user is allowed to use his / her data carriers for data recording in coordination with the Library employee.

16. The main purpose of using computers is to seek information, not to entertain it.

17. Any damage caused to the room, inventory, data and software by the user must be compensated by the user.

18. A computer administrator has the right at any time to request the release of a workplace in order to perform a technical inspection of computers.

19. Users are prohibited from:

19.1. turn on or turn off the computer, connect or disconnect any computer equipment, restart the computer when it malfunctions;
19.2. Change your computer's configuration or install programs.
19.3. unauthorized copying and transfer of software;
19.4. use and damage files stored by other users without permission;
19.5. be at the computer with food;
19.6. make noise, talk loudly to each other or on a mobile phone, or otherwise interfere with other users or employees;
19.7. to be at the computer for more than 2 users at the same time, in exceptional cases several may be present, in coordination with the Library employee;
19.8. to Play Violent Computer Games |

20. When using the Internet, it is necessary to observe generally accepted ethical principles, it is prohibited to visit Internet links that are not intended to be viewed in public places (for example, links to pornographic, violent content, etc.).

21. Minors shall not visit Internet addresses intended for persons over 18 years of age.

22. In case of doubt, the user should contact a Library employee.

23. A library employee has the right to browse the Internet resources used during the reader's working session.

24. The Library Administration has the right to exclude a user from the Library for a period of up to one year for non-compliance with the Library's Internet usage regulations.

Gulbene district libraries
director A.Sprudzāne

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