Free services

Free library services are those services that the library provides to users within the budget allocated by the municipality.

They are as follows:

Subscribed databases Free access to subscribed databases on the Internet: Letonika,, Leta, Nais, Ebsco,, etc. For more information on databases, read the section "E-databases"
Training Training in searching for information on the Internet, in databases created and subscribed by the library (apply by phone 64474825 or
Computer and internet Free use of computers with internet connection and wireless internet
Devices and computers for the visually impaired Free consultations for residents to work with devices and computer equipment for people with visual impairments (apply by phone 26180697, 64473219 or e-mail: )
Expenditure, receipt reservation, transfer deadline

Extension of deadlines for delivery of books and other materials:

  1. in the reader service department by phone. 26180697, 64473219;
  2. children's library by phone 64473266;
    e-mail: ingrida @
  3. Reading room for local sciences and humanities by phone. 64471460;
    e-mail: or

Reservation of books and other materials for receiving in a specific library, reservation of books on the Internet, extension of delivery deadlines, account monitoring on the Internet:

Electronic catalog of Gulbene library Electronic catalog of Gulbene library, where information about the collection of Gulbene library and other materials and information about the collections of parish libraries since 1997 is available). Searching for information in the local history database, local government database, database "Education in Gulbene", visit:
Reader's card for children, students, pensioners Children, pupils and pensioners can receive a Gulbene Library reader's card free of charge.
Recurring expenses Newspapers, journals and periodicals. There are about 70 titles in the library. See the list of available periodicals here .
Interlibrary loan Printed works that are not in the collection of Gulbene Library can be ordered using the Interlibrary Loan (SBA) and the International Interlibrary Loan (SSBA). The customer must pay the postage. More information by phone. 26180697, 64473219 or e-mail:
Inquiries, consultations Consultations on the library and its use, implementation of thematic and factual information, consultations on information retrieval opportunities.

Digital card
To become a user of the digital card of the Gulbene district library, you must make sure that you are a registered library reader. A registered library reader is issued a plastic reader card, as well as access to the electronic book catalog.
Name or send: or 26180697 (call or send a message to Whatsapp):
* Your name, surname.
* Library reader card number.
* The e-mail address and / or telephone number to which you want to receive the digital user card.
As soon as the digital user card is prepared, we will send it to the e-mail address or telephone number provided by you.
Smart bookcase or parcel terminal Receiving books and magazines using a smart bookcase or parcel terminal. This makes it easy to distribute contactless books to the reader. The use of the parcel terminal is free of charge and is available to every user registered in the Gulbene district library. The parcel terminal is located at the entrance door of the main library.

Book transfer machine
Books and magazine transfer equipment which ensures the release of non-contact reading materials to the library. The handover equipment atrodes outside the entrance door of the main library.