Silmači Museum

In 1981, with the idea of Imants Ziedonis to clean up and install a memorial stone "Silmači", the revival of ancient homes began. The house "Silmači" was restored according to photos and people's memories.
On June 21, 1986, an exposition dedicated to the performance of R. Blaumanis' play "Skroderdienas Silmači" was opened in the renovated house of Simači, as well as the first open-air performance on the newly created open-air stage took place. In the house there was a museum, probably the only one dedicated to one show - "Skodredienas Silmači".

The exhibition was designed by artist Bruno Aide, literary scholars Livija Volkova and Antra Torgāne.
The requisites of the museum are from the performance of 1955, along the walls are photographs from performances of different years.

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