Druviena old school - museum

The museum was founded in 1964 in Druviena, Gulbene district, on the proposal of Kārlis Egle, a former teacher at Druviena parish school. The old school building was built in 1868, the 2nd floor was built in 1894. Used as a school until 1951.
In the museum you can see the 19th century. late 20th century the beginning of the Latvian rural school, where there is both a classroom, student bedrooms, storage of bread boxes.
Expositions about the cultural history of Druviena parish since the 19th century.

Expositions about Druviena Parish School and the most outstanding people of Druviena (poet Jānis Poruks, composer Jānis Straums, artist Jūlija Straums, literary historian Kārlis Egli and literary critic Rūdolfs Eglis).


Museum opening hours:
O.-S. 9: 00-16: 00
Sv.-P. Closed

Museum ticket prices:
Admission for preschool children and people with disabilities: Free
Entrance for pupils, students and pensioners: 1EUR
Admission for adults: 2EUR
Guide services for the whole group: 7EUR

Contact information:
Head of the museum Anita Graumane
Phone: 26473671
Email: anita.graumane@gulbene.lv

The museum is accredited until: 30.07.2026

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