Museums, cultural heritage centers, memorial rooms

  • Gulbene History and Art Museum

    Gulbene History and Art Museum

    The Gulbene History and Art Museum started its real operation on January 1, 1982. The origins of the museum in Gulbene can be traced back several years before this decision.

  • Druviena old school - museum

    Druviena old school - museum

    The museum was founded in 1964 in Druviena, Gulbene district, on the proposal of Kārlis Egle, a former teacher at Druviena parish school. The old school building was built in 1868, the 2nd floor was built in 1894. Used as a school until 1951.

  • Silmači Museum

    Silmači Museum

    In 1981, with the idea of Imants Ziedonis to clean up and install a memorial stone "Silmači", the revival of ancient homes began. The house "Silmači" was restored according to photos and people's memories. In the house there was a museum, probably the only one dedicated to one show - "Skodredienas Silmači".

  • Zenta Mauriņa memorial room

    Zenta Mauriņa memorial room

    Lejasciems Cultural Heritage and Tradition Center offers visitors to get acquainted with the life and literary work of Zenta Mauriņa, a local philosopher and outstanding philosopher, in Latvia and in emigration.

  • Ranka Cultural Heritage Center

    Ranka Cultural Heritage Center

    In 2011, the Ranka Cultural Heritage Center started working in the building of the former Rēvļi Primary School. The expositions are thematically arranged in 11 rooms, which contain various historical evidence from ancient times to the present day.