Primary schools

  • Gulbītis primary school

    Gulbītis primary school

    With the decision of Gulbene County Council, from August 1, 2017, Gulbītis Secondary School will become Gulbītis Primary School.

  • Stak Primary School

    Stak Primary School

    The school implements a basic education program, a special basic education program for students with learning disabilities, a basic education pedagogical correction program, and 10 interest education programs.

  • Stāmarienas pamatskola

    Stāmarienas pamatskola

    Visgleznainākajā vietā, pašā Stāmerienas ezera krastā, atrodas Stāmerienas pamatskola. Celiņš starp liepu dzīvžogu ved uz balto skolas ēku. Aizsākumi izglītībai Stāmerienas pagastā meklējami pirms...

  • Galgauskas Primary School (closed)

    Galgauskas Primary School (closed)

    „School… As in the past, bright and inviting surrounded by the green forests of the retreating Galgauskas, surrounded by a road network, next to birch golden candles in autumn! School building - Palace of Light Places on the bank of the river bank, the rivers that are still bubbling, just like bubbling for 100 years, singing a lullaby to a new school and raising it as a big, smart and beautiful honor and glory for Latvia! ”

  • Hand Primary School

    Hand Primary School

    The school building was consecrated on November 10, 1887 (in the old style). Historian A. Rudzitis describes it as follows: "This stately two-storey stone building is 22 axles long and 6 axles wide. There are two teachers with three departments (classes), but there is also a fourth division in private. The school is called the Lutheran School."

  • Tirza Primary School

    Tirza Primary School

    The Tirza primary school building was built in 1867 as a district educational institution, but the news that there is a school in Tirza dates back to 1671. Currently, the school implements a general basic education program, special education programs, a pre-school education program and a distance learning basic education program for grades 7-9.

  • Daukstu pamatskola

    Daukstu pamatskola

    Stāv mana skola – balta debess aka, No kuras jaunas sirdis sauli smeļ. /J.Plotnieks/ Izglītības pirmssākumi Daukstu pusē meklējami jau 1870.gadā, kad „Vecšotnieku” mājās darboties uzsāk...