Druviena Primary School (closed)

With the decision of Gulbene County Council, Druviena Primary School will be closed from September 1, 2018.

The origins of the school can be traced back to 1824. The first school building was built in Saltupe half-manor. In 1868 the school was moved to "Lielvasaraudži", where the old school of Druviena is now located. In 1888, the school choir participated in the 2nd General Latvian Church Festival in Riga.

Since 1951, Druviena Primary School has been located in the Druviena Manor House. It was once rebuilt for school.

The school is proud of the methodological integration of Latvian knowledge and values in the learning process, especially in visual arts, literature, Latvian language, music, housekeeping, creating teaching materials: worksheets, games, etc. The school celebrates Latvian traditional holidays organizational forms, and folklore and Latvian life news camps are organized. A musical instrument - kokle - is made in the school workshop.
In summer, the school organizes folklore and Latvian life news camps.

Address: “Primary School”, Druviena, Druviena Parish, Gulbene District, LV - 4426
School principal: Velga Chernoglazova
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