Litene Primary School (closed)

By the decision of Gulbene County Council, Litene Primary School will be closed from September 1, 2018.
Since 1925, Litene Primary School has been located in the building of Litene Manor.

The longest-running school officials are Edgars Brūniņš from 1922 to 1934, Boriss Cepurītis from 1936 to 1944.
In 1944, the six-year-old parish school in Litene was transformed into a secondary school. In the first years after the war, it was the only secondary school in the wider area, with excellent teachers - Reinis Liepiņš, Sergejs Duks, Jānis Ūdris, etc.

Ar 1961/1962. high school is being reorganized into an eight - year school. Ar 1989/1990. the name of the school of the school year - Litene nine-year school. Since 1992 - Litene Primary School. The longest-serving directors of the school are Pēteris Seļickis, Ilga Špakovska and Jānis Zvaigzne, a talented teacher, the author of the book “What is Litene?”, The Knight of the Order of the Three Stars. Sarmīte Locāne has been the school's principal since 2000.

The school has a variety of extracurricular activities that complement and make the learning process more interesting. Pupils' participation in almost all major events in the county is typical.
Litenes at school tries to encourage students to believe more in themselves, to dare, to prove themselves in positive action, as well as to see a perspective, to conscientiously create a meaningful life.
The school offers secondary education opportunities to working rural youth closer to home. With 2011/2012. Litene counseling center of Gulbene region evening (shift) secondary school has been operating in the school for the academic year.

In cooperation with the Litene Parish Administration, the school is implementing a project to make the school a lifelong learning center for the parish.

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