Gulbene Primary School (closed)

With the decision of Gulbene County Council, from August 1, 2017, Gulbene Secondary School will become Gulbene Primary School.

The operation of Gulbene Primary School began after the Second World War in the premises of the former commercial school. Much work had to be done to clean up the war-torn premises in a short time, and training could begin on October 17, 1944. At first it was an incomplete high school, and the first high school graduation took place in 1949.

In 1962, a new building was built next to the secondary school, where the Gulbene 2nd year school started operating, but in the old building - the secondary school, until 1974, studies were conducted in a bilingual stream. With the transition of Russian-speaking pupils to Gulbene Secondary School No. 2, the secondary school, now Gulbene Secondary School No. 1, was located in both the old and the new building. When the newly established Gulbene Gymnasium started working in the old building in 1995, the secondary school remained in the new one.

The name of the school has been changed several times, from August 24, 1992 to August 1, 2017, its name is Gulbene Secondary School.

Jānis Rupais, Kārlis Biezais, Elmārs Kavacs, Kārlis Biezais, Velta Turina, Dzidra Smilgina, Gaida Čaupjonoka, Velta Radiņa, Viktors Savjuks, Jānis Taube, Valentīna Stepanova, Ģirts Vilde, Gatis Mezītis have worked as directors.

Captivated by the logic of the world of numbers, teacher Margarita Češļa was the initiator of creating a class in the field of mathematics, and in 1978 the first graduation of this type of class took place. Gatis Mezītis, the principal of the secondary school, was also a graduate of this class.

At one time, the high school had a strong tradition of artistic amateur activities. Theater traditions are associated with the name of teacher Olga Krieva. Already during the difficult post-war period, theater performances were staged. Former members of the drama group, popular actors Roberts Liger, Harry Gerhardt, Antra Liedskalniņa, Leons and Romans Grabovski, Uldis Anže have connected their future with performing arts.

The long-time teacher Olga Grasa has brought many, many students into the world of folk dance beauty, delighting the audience and winning prizes in the shows. Secondary school students formed the basic composition of the dance ensemble, when the people of Gulbene once received the honorable title of the Folk Dance Ensemble "Madara" under the direction of Kārlis Ventas.

The school has also had a loud choir since the late 1940s. Its first conductor, teacher Ada Jurjāne, tried to get students interested in the choir song. At the beginning of the fifties, teacher Andrejs Baumanis was able to cultivate his love for song and music until 1962. Paulis Galejs, a teacher, echoed the fame of the school choir to the capital.

In 2004, in honor of the school's 60th anniversary, a book "Gulbene Secondary School - 60" was published. On October 17, 2009, the high school celebrated its 65th anniversary.

Director of Gulbene Primary School - Aivars Mednis.
The school is located in Gulbene, Skolas Street 12.
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